Custom Marketing Dashboard

Impress clients with their very own live, customized digital marketing dashboard tool.

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100% Customizable

Configure each client dashboard individually, with granular metrics and permission settings

Drag & Drop

Configure dashboards in minutes with no coding required

Delegate & Collaborate

Empower staff & colleagues with their own permission based accounts

24/7 Client Access

Give clients access to the exact data they need, when they need it

Trusted by over 3,000 Marketing Agencies

Connect all of your marketing channels

Over 30 Integrations

Get all of your client's marketing channels on one dashboard: PPC, SEO, social media, email, website analytics, call tracking and more. Display the data in a way that works for you.

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Hundreds of metrics to choose from

Customizable Dashboards

Engage clients with an interactive dashboard featuring the exact metrics they care most about. Create a unique presentation for each client with our drag-and-drop widgets.

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All of your client data in one place

Simplified Client Management

Monitor and manage all of your client data in one simple interface. Whether you have one client or thousands, our intuitive dashboard lets you navigate between accounts to find the data you need with a single click.

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Configure individual client permissions

Granular Permission Settings

Some clients might be marketing savvy tech wizards who need access to every possible data point. For others, it might make more sense to restrict access to prevent information overload. Our dashboard gives you complete control.

Seamless reporting and constant improvement
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Customize access and delegate tasks

Empower Agency Staff

Create staff accounts and assign employees to specific campaigns. Give staff the tools they need to succeed, while restricting access to sensitive data. Take advantage of our task management system and other agency tools to organize your team's workflow.

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Your all-in-one agency management tool

Holistic Marketing Dashboards

More than just a rank tracker, AgencyAnalytics offers an all-in-one digital marketing dashboard for your team. From SERP tracking to Adwords, and from email marketing to workflow assignment, our custom dashboard lets you manage all of your data in a single location.

Data at the speed of business

Impress Clients with On-Demand Data

Most customers are busy business owners, and when they need data, they need it immediately. Stop the frantic late night emails and empower your customers with data on demand in an elegant, unified interface.

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