Layne Sparks
Operations & Project Manager of KWD

How KWD used AgencyAnalytics to land new clients and scale their agency

5+ Years
With AgencyAnalytics
Hours Saved Each Month
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Layne Sparks
Prior to AgencyAnalytics, our reporting was much more manual—we would have to collect data from various sources, put it into an Excel sheet, and send it to clients. Now our reporting is almost entirely automated, not to mention much more professional looking.
Layne Sparks, Kiwi Website Design

The Client

Founded in 2011, KWD is a New Zealand-based web design and SEO Auckland agency. Over the past 10+ years, they've worked with thousands of clients and are currently delivering over 150 marketing reports to clients each month. They work with clients in various industries including local businesses, app startups, and many more.

IndustryWeb Design & SEO
LocationAukland, New Zealand

The Challenge

Prior to bringing their reporting into AgencyAnalytics, KWD had tried several different options including Semrush and manual reporting. Given their client volume, these alternatives proved to be much more costly and didn't provide all the reporting functionalities and ease-of-use they were looking for. 

When we were still using manual reporting, aside from the time it took the main issue was the lack of scalability. The main reason we switched from manual reporting to AgencyAnalytics automated reporting was to increase our ability to scale as an agency.
Layne Sparks, Kiwi Website Design

The Solution

After moving all their reporting to AgencyAnalytics, Layne found that not only was it more cost-effective, but their clients were also happier. Specifically, the data visualization inside their dashboards and reports was much more intuitive and easy to understand for their non-technical clients. Their agency uses both live dashboards that their clients have access to 24/7, as well as automated reports that are sent out periodically. Additionally, as an SEO-focused agency, they make extensive use of the site audit tool in order to land new clients and deliver immediate value to new clients after they come on board.

Our whole sales team has access to AgencyAnalytics, and whenever they are speaking to a prospect they’re able to quickly create a campaign, run a site audit to demonstrate immediate value, and land more clients to the agency.
Layne Sparks, Kiwi Website Design

The Result

By scheduling weekly site audits for their SEO clients, Layne has been able to largely automate the process of staying on top of any technical site issues that may arise. In addition to site audits, they use an SEO dashboard template in order to quickly onboard new clients and set up their reporting in minutes. In terms of the time savings each month, Layne estimates that each client report would take 20-30 minutes each month, which adds up quickly when you have 150+ clients. With AgencyAnalytics, Layne estimates they're saving at least 50+ hours each month, although he suspects it's even more than that.

We’re saving at least 50+ hours each month with automated reporting, although it’s probably much higher. This year we’re looking to grow our agency to 250+ clients, and we wouldn’t be able to do that without having a scalable solution like AgencyAnalytics.
Layne Sparks, Kiwi Website Design

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