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Oct 10, 2018

How to Fire a Client Nicely (Without Any Nasty Consequences for Your Agency)

Are you frustrated with a particular client? Do you imagine how wonderful life would be without them? Sometimes client relationships go sour. This can happen early in the relationship. But it may also deteriorate even after years of working...

Joe Kindness
Oct 3, 2018

We've Updated and Overhauled Our Report Editor!

Wow, guys. This one has been in the works for quite some time. We first mentioned our plans for this overhaul nearly 18 months ago on our public roadmap. But as we dug in and realized what an important update this would be for our customers - and...

Trever Clark
Sep 19, 2018

How to Define Your Ideal Client: Developing a Client Profile (Template & Tips)

Do you struggle with attracting ideal clients? Wondering why other agencies always manage to snatch your dream accounts instead? Let's be honest, growing a marketing agency is tougher than it seems. I bet not a day goes by without you trying to...

Joe Kindness
Sep 12, 2018

Google Ads vs. Facebook Ads: Which is the Best Choice for Your Business?

Google Ads (formerly known as AdWords) and Facebook Ads are the two gorillas of PPC advertising. Both could be significant drivers for your business with many companies using both in congruence to maximize their reach. But, since time and money is...

Rebecca Bowden
Sep 5, 2018

The 14 Ultimate Tools for Scaling Your Marketing Agency

Running a marketing agency is no bed of roses. Or maybe it is, but only after you sleep on a bed of thorns. There are so many fields that you have to excel in, such as improving your marketing strategy, getting more clients, closing sales, and so...

Dave Schneider
Aug 30, 2018

What should you include in your SEO report template?

To keep your clients happy, putting together a great SEO report is essential. For many of your clients, SEO is a mystery. They don’t necessarily care about redirects or canonical tags. It’s your job to create the best SEO report template possible...

Joe Kindness
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