Keeping your agency on the cutting edge of client reporting is easy with AgencyAnalytics. Labs gives you and your team access to the latest features and innovations still in development. Become an early adopter, directly influence the development of AgencyAnalytics, and instantly implement innovative strategies that redefine marketing success for your clients.
Keeping your agency on the cutting edge of client reporting with the latest AgencyAnalytics features and innovations still in development.

Easy To Add

Explore Labs in AgencyAnalytics and add new features and integrations with just a click

Guide Development

Test and provide feedback on the newest innovations before they’re fully released

Stay Ahead

Find new ways to showcase your agency as a leader in digital marketing services

Always Innovating

AgencyAnalytics is committed to advancements that align with the real-world needs of marketing agencies


The Newest Features and Innovations

Whether it’s automation and efficiency features that save you hours on client reporting, or AI advancements that help you audit and analyze your digital marketing performance at scale, there’s always something new coming to Labs. It’s about so much more than just new features. It’s about cultivating a culture of innovation that delivers unparalleled value to agencies like yours.

Test and influence the latest AgencyAnalytics features still in development.

Influence the Future of Digital Marketing

Don’t just keep pace with the evolution of digital marketing—actively shape it! Test and provide your feedback on the latest innovations in AgencyAnalytics, before their full release. Your valuable insights help refine these tools, ensuring they're effective and tailored to meet the demands of your clients and your marketing agency.

Have an influence on the future of agency marketing.

Stay on the Cutting Edge of Marketing Reporting

Change is constant in the world of digital marketing. Keep your agency on the cutting edge by being among the first to implement the latest innovations. Enhance your agency’s workflows, data analysis, and decision-making processes, and continue impressing your clients with next-level marketing performance.

Keep your agency on the cutting edge of client marketing reporting.

We’re excited to start utilizing the new Labs features. AgencyAnalytics already does a great job of listening to customer feedback, and this new option for early access to useful tools may be a game changer and give us that extra edge.

Matthew Regenie
Matthew Regenie / Founder & CEO
Prospect Future

Access the newest features and innovations in digital marketing reporting with AgencyAnalytics


Instantly Build Complete Client Reports

Boost your productivity with smarter client reporting! Automatically generate Smart Reports using your client's connected integrations. Each part of the report includes the top-used metrics for each integration, whether its PPC, SEO, eCommerce, or social media. This streamlined approach saves time, making your reporting quicker and more efficient.

Automatically build complete client reports with Smart Reports.

Prove Your Impact on Client Marketing Goals

Empower your clients with a crisp, instant snapshot of your agency's impact on their performance. The Goals widget features a dynamic visual progress bar that vividly illustrates the effect of your efforts on their key marketing objectives. This tool transforms monthly performance goals into daily actionable steps, keeping your team sharply focused and steadily on track.

An example of the AgencyAnalytics goal interface for automated client reporting

Automate Your Marketing Reporting

Taking the manual approach to reporting is definitely not cutting-edge. Sending clients consistent, auto-scheduled reports? Now that’s moving in the right direction! Set your client reports to send daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly, or even annually. Streamline your client reporting process and watch your agency scale.

How to Schedule Automated Marketing Reports for Marketing Agency Clients

Connect All Your Clients’ Data

Bring all of your client's important metrics into AgencyAnalytics' powerful reporting platform to show your agency’s full value. Easily add custom dashboards and reports using simple drag and drop functionality. Present your client with data from more than 80 tool options.

An example of the available marketing platform integrations AgencyAnalytics offers to connect your clients' marketing data

Support When You Need It

We're passionate about empowering marketing agencies to thrive. With our chat support available 24/5 and boasting an impressive response time of under 3 minutes, rest assured your questions are promptly addressed. Our commitment to outstanding customer service is reflected in our consistently high satisfaction ratings, often exceeding 95%. Rely on our devoted customer support team to assist you in maximizing the benefits of your white label reporting solution.

Best in Class Customer Support

Manage Your Entire Agency

Optimize your reporting workflow using a comprehensive reporting solution, designed specifically for agency client management. Effortlessly oversee campaigns, enhance communication with clients, and tailor user access and permissions for precise control. Discover the ideal solution for scaling your agency's management efficiently and effectively.

A stylized user creation form

Discover a Better, Faster Client Reporting Platform

I have been in the industry for 10 years and used a lot of reporting tools. AgencyAnalytics is the best one I have used in terms of both the software itself and value for money. This tool is a must for any online marketing company.

Deniz Doganay
Deniz Doganay
Digital Debut

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