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AgencyAnalytics API

Automate more of your reporting processes at scale with the AgencyAnalytics API. Available to agencies on the Premier plan, this powerful and efficient query engine is simple to work with, easy to understand, and purpose-built for enhanced accessibility to AgencyAnalytics’ platform architecture. Note, this new query layer is just being developed.
A look at how AgencyAnalytics' API playground makes it easy for marketing agencies to automate more reporting processes at scale.

Generate Federated Logins

Enhance your clients’ user experience by enabling 1-click login between your agency’s platform and AgencyAnalytics

Automate Campaign Creation

Save time by automatically creating 10s or even 100s of new client campaigns simultaneously using the API

Fetch Ranking Data

Automatically fetch your clients’ keyword ranking data at set intervals from the AgencyAnalytics Rank Tracker

Streamline Agency Management

Quickly create, read, and delete new platform users, whether they're your agency’s clients or staff


Offer Seamless AgencyAnalytics Access

Open up greater automation and seamless functionality within the AgencyAnalytics platform through the JSON API. Make the AgencyAnalytics platform feel like your own.

Use API to create federated logins that provide users with a single-sign-on experience.

Expedite Client Onboarding

Creating dozens or even hundreds of client campaigns can become tedious and time-consuming. Automate the process and add efficiency as you scale by leveraging AgencyAnalytics’ end points to create multiple campaigns simultaneously. Your team can also automatically group various client campaigns within the campaign overview section of your account for enhanced agency management and organization.

Use AgencyAnalytics API to create new client campaigns for your marketing agency at scale.

Automate More of Your Agency Management

Save time managing and maintaining your AgencyAnalytics user base as your agency rapidly scales. Create and delete client and staff users automatically using the API. Access lists of staff and client users. Create user-base automations between third party platforms, such as your CRM or your HR solution. Make agency management a breeze.

Screenshot of AgencyAnalytic's agency management screen

Pull All Your Clients’ Keyword Rankings Using API

Establish a more automated SEO reporting workflow for your agency. Pull keywords, rankings, and backlinks from AgencyAnalytics into your own native platform without having to integrate directly with multiple SEO platforms. Fetch rankings for a specific keyword or for entire client campaigns into spreadsheets at set intervals. Run calculations on them, and work with the ranking data as needed.

Automate the process of pilling client keyword rankings using AgencyAnalytics' API query builder.

Leverage the Exploration-Based Interface

Avoid slogging through static API documentation pages and copying and pasting code as you build automation into your agency's workflows. With AgencyAnalytics' interactive API playground, developers can speed up available endpoint discovery, query creation, testing, and execution to help your agency scale faster.

Explore AgencyAnalytics API playground to discover all the ways your marketing agency can add more automation to the reporting process.

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