Google Sheets Reporting Tool

Seamlessly combine your custom Google Sheets data with KPIs from 80+ integrations. Pull it all into beautiful, white labeled dashboards and reports, and automate your client reporting with ease.
Google Sheets Reporting Tool Dashboard

Highlight Metrics That Matter

Import your key client-data automatically from almost anywhere via Google Sheets

Visualize Excel Spreadsheet Data

Turn raw data into intuitive graphs and charts for the easiest way to analyze and compare it month-over-month

Auto-Sync Data

Automate your Google Sheets data updates based on the start and end dates you’ve selected

White Labeled Reporting

Deliver your Google Sheets data in fully white-labeled dashboards and reports


Automated Client Reporting With Added Google Sheets Insights

Are you still using Google Sheets to track your clients’ marketing forecasts, activities, budgets, or other data? Automate your client reporting with live marketing dashboards that update in real-time. And use the Google Sheets integration to add final data touches you can’t find in your other marketing channels. For beautiful marketing reports–ready in minutes!

automated Google Sheets reporting dashboard

Visualize Spreadsheet Data For In-depth Client Reports

Whether it’s in-house data, budgeting, expenses, CRM leads, or sales projections, add the Google Sheets integration to show executive-level details. Select Google Sheets data to present the numbers that are hard to find in other third party apps and marketing integrations. Drag and drop data into tables, pie charts, line charts, bar charts, and sparkline widgets to visualize instantly and keep all your key metrics in one place.

custom google sheets reporting feature

Showcase Your Impact on Your Client’s Bottom Line

Highlight specific metrics, calculations, or data sets that can only be found in Google Sheets. Display them within any dashboard or report by creating custom widgets using Google Sheets data. Use this to import timesheets, track and report on expenses managed by your agency, show how your agency is pacing against budgets or KPI goals, and more. Practically anything Google Sheets can track or calculate pulls seamlessly into client reports and dashboards.

import custom metrics to google sheets

Fully Customizable Marketing Dashboards and Client Reports

Create custom marketing dashboards by combining your Google Sheets data and key metrics from over 80+ integrations. Consolidate all your marketing agency’s data into streamlined dashboards and reports to save countless hours each month. Then turn those dashboards into client-ready reports in minutes!

custom marketing dashboards from google sheets

Auto-sync Google Sheets Data, Schedule Ready-made Reports

Your Google Sheets charts will automatically update based on your report or dashboard's date field. With built-in date range functionality, you can be sure that clients are always seeing the right report information. Customize your report scheduling and never worry about another client report deadline. Just add valuable insights and commentary about your marketing strategy, and you’re set!

Auto-sync Your Google Sheets Data & Schedule Ready-made Reports

Improve Client Retention With Clear Communication

Once you've added Google Sheets to a report, set it and forget it! Your dashboards pull in the current spreadsheet data automatically whenever a report or dashboard is opened. Use agency tools to keep your clients up-to-date. With custom login permissions to the data they need most like access to dashboards and a mobile-friendly app, you’ve got everything you need to streamline your agency’s workflow, improve client satisfaction, and reduce those back-and-forth emails.

custom logins for client reporting software

Add Your Desired Branding

White labeling Google Sheets is hard. White labeling AgencyAnalytics is easy. Put your Google Sheets data into fully white labeled reports and dashboards. Strengthen your brand recognition by including your agency’s logo and brand colors wherever your clients look for their marketing report information. On select plans, create multiple white label profiles for different client-facing brands and host dashboards on a custom domain.

white labelled google sheets reports and dashboards
AgencyAnalytics for Google Sheets

Automatically Pull Your Data Into Google Sheets

Pulling your marketing data from Google Sheets into your AgencyAnalytics dashboards and reports is great. But what if you want to route data in the opposite direction? The AgencyAnalytics for Google Sheets app is the simplest way to move data directly from your client campaigns into Google Sheets for greater handling and deeper analysis. Never manually transfer data again.

Google Data Sheets Export Add-On Screenshot

The custom reporting features are exactly what we were looking for in a reporting tool, and AgencyAnalytics delivered! It is also very affordable for what you get with it. Don’t hesitate, AgencyAnalytics is well worth it.

Kent Schlieve
Kent Schlieve

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Connect the Google Sheets integration in seconds to streamline your client reporting.

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