Brevo Reporting Integration

Report on your clients’ email marketing campaigns with sleek automation. The Brevo (formerly Sendinblue) integration pulls and presents real-time data in intuitive dashboards and reports in minutes.
Sendinblue Reporting Dashboard Example

Monitor Subscriber Growth

Display your clients’ contact and subscriber growth over time

Optimize Email Campaigns

Track and manage email performance based on what’s working to drive higher open and click rates

Simplify Reporting

Flip Brevo data into professional, white-labeled reports that are client-ready

80+ Integrations

Blend your Brevo data with marketing metrics from a growing list of integrated platforms


Seamless Client Reporting At Scale

Spend less time reporting and more time driving performance. Connect Brevo metrics like contacts, email open and click rates, unsubscribes and more with data from 80+ marketing integrations. Send your clients professionally branded dashboards and reports that highlight their ongoing audience growth and engagement.

Brevo Client Reporting Examples
Metrics Explorer

Explore All Available Brevo Metrics

Add any of these metrics to your client reports and marketing dashboards with ease
    • Blacklisted Count
    • Bounce Rate
    • Complaints
    • Date
    • Delivered
    • Delivered Rate
    • Estimated Views
    • Hard Bounces
    • Open Rate
    • Sent
    • Soft Bounces
    • Subscribed Count
    • Total Clicks
    • Total Contacts
    • Unique Clicks
    • Unique Clicks Rate
    • Unique Views
    • Unsubscriptions
    • Unsubscriptions Rate
    • Viewed

    Clear Email Marketing Insights

    Track your clients’ email campaigns in real-time and over time. Build intuitive dashboards that include per-campaign metrics like delivered, opens, unique clicks, and more. Monitor across all campaigns for high-level performance visibility.

    Brevo Email Delivered and Open Reporting Widgets

    Streamlined Access to Your Clients’ Data

    Blend your clients' Brevo metrics with key data from their entire marketing tech stack automatically. Connect 80+ integrations in your AgencyAnalytics account for a comprehensive view of your client’s overall performance. All that data in one place means your agency spends more time driving success and less time toggling between platforms.

    Marketing Platform Reporting Integrations

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    Customized White Labeled Reporting

    Impressions matter. Deliver color and logo-customized dashboards and reports that highlight your clients’ success within a branded platform. Convey a professional look and feel across every touchpoint. Host dashboards on a custom domain and create multiple white-label profiles for different client-facing brands.

    White Label Client Reporting Options

    Agency Management Made Simple

    Create custom logins for your agency’s staff and clients, and choose who gets to see what. Assign tasks and track workflows for each client campaign to streamline your team’s performance. Add completed tasks to monthly reports to keep clients up-to-date on your progress.

    Agency Client and Staff Management Interface

    Connect the Brevo integration in seconds to streamline your client reporting.

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