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Looking for an alternative to Google Data Studio? Find out why digital agencies prefer AgencyAnalytics.
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White Labeled
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An Alternative to Google Data Studio
with More Reporting Features!

Why do top Digital Agencies choose AgencyAnalytics for their client reporting?
Intuitive Dashboard Builder

Custom Marketing Dashboards


Build beautiful client dashboards in minutes! Use one of our pre-built templates or create your own. Quickly apply your template to every campaign and see the data populate instantly! No complicated setup or connections.


Do you really want to have your client's data available via a public link? Secure your clients' analytics with their very own login on a white labeled domain.


Collaborate with every team member in real-time. Unlimited client and staff user accounts are included with your base subscription at every membership level.

Custom Marketing Dashboard Example
Connect Marketing Channels That Matter

80+ Data Connectors


Clients want to see a complete picture of their overall PPC performance - not just Adwords alone. Integrate with Adwords, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads and Adroll to show cross-channel KPIs.


Add metrics from the top social platforms into a comprehensive social media report - Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. No complicated hacks, custom spreadsheets, or expensive addons. We provide all of the integrations you need to create a complete social media analytics dashboard.


Impress clients with a cross-functional dashboard where they can view new leads and listen to calls. Say goodbye to call logs and complicated spreadsheets! Give your clients all of the data that they need in one place.

Multiple Marketing Platform Integrations
All-in-one SEO toolkit

SEO Tools


Google Search Console is a useful tool, but it's no replacement for a dedicated SERP rank tracker. Track live keyword rankings across multiple search engines. Integrate Search Console for high-level search performance AND show accurate keyword rankings updated daily.

Why use 3 tools when you only need one? Find the SEO tools you use every day directly in you dashboard. Don't pay for another SEO tool just so you can add the data to your Data Studio dashboard. AgencyAnalytics has the tools you need in one place, for one price.

Keyword Trank Tracker Screenshot
Send reports daily, weekly or monthly

Automated Marketing Reports


Do you have clients that prefer email updates instead of checking a dashboard? Offer clients a tool that provides both. Send automated PDF reports to your clients, so they are ALWAYS up-to-date on their marketing performance.


Google Data Studio lets you add Google services to your dashboard, but why stop there? Integrate Adwords, Analytics, Search Console, and Google Sheets, plus over 80 other marketing channels into your AgencyAnalytics dashboard.

Create a Scheduled Client Report
The only reporting tool designed for agencies

Agency Tools

White label everything

Impress clients when you add your branding directly to the dashboard and automated reports. You can even host the dashboard on your own domain!

Monitor all of your clients

Tired of clicking through multiple dashboards to check a campaign's performance? Monitor EVERY client from a unified control panel. See your top KPIs in a single view, so you never miss a change in a client's performance again.

Dedicated Support

Our exceptional support team is dedicated to helping your agency grow. Chat with us in-app or schedule a phone call to go over your reports and dashboard. With Data Studio, you're stuck reading through forums and blogs for help.

Client Reporting Control Panel

We were wasting so much time setting up and editing reports for clients each month using Google Data Studio. Our team of account managers hated it. We were blown away once we started using AgencyAnalytics. The responsiveness and speed of the platform are amazing.

Lee Wallis
Lee Wallis

Excite Media

I have yet to find another platform that does everything AgencyAnalytics does. I took the trial to check them out and it took about 3 seconds for me to realize this was the platform for me.

Jonathan Scott
Jonathan Scott
Scott Marketing Services

Prior to switching to AgencyAnalytics, our client reports were done in Google Docs. And, yes, they looked terrible! It was a massive win for us to switch. What we like best is the customizable reports. They allow us to automatically import all the data points into one place, plus they look amazing!

Dr. Richard Girling
Dr. Richard Girling / CEO
Red Castle Services INC

AgencyAnalytics saves endless hours of data mining and means our time can be spent looking after our clients. We couldn’t live without AgencyAnalytics.

Andrew Logan
Andrew Logan
Floww Digital

AgencyAnalytics has been key for us to clearly display our marketing efforts to our clients. It serves as a hub to give our clients transparency of what’s working and what’s not.

Lane Rizzardini
Lane Rizzardini / Co-owner
Marion Relationship Marketing

AgencyAnalytics has helped us to recoup time that was previously spent doing our reporting via Google Data Studio. We are now able to update reports much more seamlessly and it is one of the few reporting softwares out there that allows API connections to so many different social media and ad platforms, as well as incorporating SEO tracking.

Molly Lopez
Molly Lopez / Founder & CEO
Sparo Marketing

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