Dr. Richard Girling, CEO at Red Castle Services

Red Castle Services uses the reporting time saved with AgencyAnalytics to focus on client retention and help medical practices acquire more patients.
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AgencyAnalytics has been quick to integrate with the new software we use—allowing us to keep everything in one place.
Dr. Richard Girling, Red Castle Services INC

The Client

Red Castle Services is an agency specializing in helping physician practices in the U.S. get to the top of Google and increase their new online patient referrals. Organic SEO is the single most important service that the agency offers clients, as it speaks directly to their primary need—matching the right patients with the right medical professionals and helping to scale the practice. 

Red Castle Services’ clients are eager to see results from marketing efforts, but organic SEO is a long game that requires ample patience. AgencyAnalytics' SEO tools have allowed the agency to track and monitor keyword rankings, optimize for more success, and thoroughly report on progress, keeping clients in the loop.

What is the point of doctors having a website if no one can find them?
Dr. Richard Girling, Red Castle Services INC

IndustryMedical Practices
LocationMiddletown, USA

The Challenge

The biggest challenge for Red Castle Services has been adapting to constantly changing software and technology. On top of keeping clients happy, Red Castle Services needs to find time to upskill in a highly regulated environment. 

Before switching to AgencyAnalytics, Red Castle Services built client reports in Google Docs. The process was incredibly time-consuming and error-prone, and as Dr. Girling explains, “they looked terrible!” 

Furthermore, client retention is vital to Red Castle Services’ growth and success, and the agency was looking for a software solution that would deliver client reports faster, win back time, nurture its existing clients, and showcase the value of its services.

Client retention is the single most important goal of our agency. Without client retention, our agency would not be able to grow.
Dr. Richard Girling, Red Castle Services INC

The Solution

As an agency with expertise in SEO, Red Castle Services turned to search engines to find the reporting software that would solve its pain point.

“I believe I Googled something along the lines of 'SEO agency reporting software,'” Dr. Girling says. “Many years later, we're still using AgencyAnalytics, and we don't see that changing soon.”

They chose AgencyAnalytics because it allowed Red Castle Services to have a place where all online marketing data points were stored, tracked, and presented in a single location, it provided 24/7 client access to dashboards, it automated reports, and it gave the agency access to fully customizable dashboards.

We looked at a couple of tools that specialized in SEO only. However, they lacked the ability to include other data points we needed, such as social media performance.
Dr. Richard Girling, Red Castle Services INC

The Result

With the time saved, Red Castle Services focused on human face time with clients. While many corporate agencies are cutting back on face time and putting cost savings above customer service, Red Castle Services saw an opportunity to out-compete them and improve acquisition and retention rates.

“What we like best is the customizable reports,” Dr. Girling says. “They allow us to import all the data points into one place automatically, plus they look amazing.”

AgencyAnalytics has also allowed Red Castle Services to easily show how it increases each client's new online patient referrals. The agency has customized its reports to show the KPIs that matter to clients and improved results by building new strategies that move the needle based on insights gleaned from the data gathered with AgencyAnalytics.

Switching to AgencyAnalytics was a massive win for our agency. We could automatically import all the data into one place, and the reports looked professional. It saved us so much time and made us look so much better!
Dr. Richard Girling, Red Castle Services INC

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