Avanser Dashboard

Visualize call sources & contact details. Share important call tracking KPI's with your clients.

Avanser Call Reporting Dashboard by AgencyAnalytics

Detailed Call Analytics

Gain deeper insights for phone lead trends with essential call metrics

Contact Details

Name, address, phone number and recording for every call

Source Attribution

Analyze the source of each phone call your client receives

Demonstrate ROI

Show clients the value you bring with a list of phone leads

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Connect your client's Avanser account

Integrate Avanser In Seconds

Manage all your Avanser accounts from a single interface. Save time and simplify your day-to-day by giving your client their own login to monitor their call tracking analytics.

Discover what Drives Calls

Monitor Top Sources

Visualize which campaigns prompt the most phone calls with gorgeous graphs that break down the source of new calls. Enhance your marketing campaigns with your newfound insights, so you can continue to deliver great results for clients.

call tracking graph of top sources in dashboard
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Identify Lost Opportunities

Answered vs Missed Calls

Prominently display in both the dashboard and reports the total number of answered vs. missed calls. Analyze the time or day where calls are most frequently missed. Use these insights to help your clients reduce the number of leads that slip through the cracks.

Pie chart of answered vs. missed calls in avanser report
Name, Phone Number and Recording

View Contact Details

Give clients their own login to the dashboard so they can quickly find the contact information they need. No more digging through call notes or contact books! Clients can view the name, address and phone number for each call directly in the dashboard. Even listen to the mp3 recording for additional information about each new lead.

Contact details in table in the Avanser dashboard
Create Engaging Avanser Reports

Automated Call Tracking Reports

Streamline your reporting process and save hours every month. Show clients the value your agency delivers with beautiful call tracking reports that show the source and contact information for each new business lead.

Scheduled reporting graphic
White Labeled Avanser Dashboard

Add Your Own Logo

Build brand recognition and loyalty with a world class reporting system featuring your logo. Completely white label both the PDF reports and dashboard with your own logo, branding and colors.

White label settings