Call Tracking Dashboard

Call tracking is one of the best tools to grow a business, although monitoring the performance of each call and analyzing the results over time is challenging without an automated solution. With a dedicated call tracking dashboard, you can automatically collect data from various sources, visualize the data, and report on the results in real-time.

Call Tracking Dashboard

What is a Call Tracking Dashboard?

A call tracking dashboard allows you to monitor relevant metrics and KPIs in a unified platform. If you’re managing multiple client accounts, you can provide each client with their own login that provides real-time data about the calls coming to their business. With a fully white-labeled call tracking dashboard, you can impress clients by prominently featuring your logo, branding, and even hosting it on your own domain. This dashboard template is built with our CallRail integration, although it can easily be modified for any other our other call tracking integrations with our drag-and-drop editor.

Why You Need One

Call tracking dashboards are useful to optimize and scale the performance of your marketing campaigns. Automatically collecting data from multiple sources allows you to identify the top marketing channels and compare the total number of leads from each platform. Call tracking dashboards also provide visibility into your calls and conversions. The dashboard allows you to browse each lead’s information—including the name, phone number, time, location, and call recording. Finally, a call tracking dashboard helps you and your clients identify missed opportunities. By analyzing the time-of-day or day-of-week of missed calls, you can use this information to help clients optimize their schedule and avoid missing out on valuable opportunities.

What’s Included:

Call Volume

The first section of our call tracking dashboard is dedicated to call volume metrics, including:

  • Total number of calls

  • The number of calls answered

  • The number of first-time calls

In this case, the number of first-time calls is displayed as a time-based chart so you can easily identify trends over time.

Call tracking dashboard

Call Attribution

Call attribution is key to understanding which channels are delivering the highest ROI. The call attribution section includes the following widgets:

  • Top Sources: This provides insight into the exact number of calls from each traffic source.

  • Caller Type: This pie chart breaks up the total calls into returning callers vs. first-time callers.

  • Answered vs. Missed Calls: This pie chart tells you how many calls were answered vs. missed, providing insight into the number of lost opportunities each month.

  • Call Table: The call table provides a link to each individual call recording, including the caller's name, phone number, source, and other relevant information.

Call attribution dashboard

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