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A white label marketing dashboard creates clarity by seamlessly weaving together a clear narrative from diverse metrics. Monitor PPC campaigns, SEO growth, social media engagement, and call tracking metrics in one insightful, streamlined overview. Create client reports in minutes and spend more time executing effective campaigns.
Create White Label Marketing Dashboards Using This Template

What is a Marketing Dashboard?

A marketing dashboard tracks, gathers, and displays all the pertinent marketing metrics and KPIs for the marketing campaigns your agency is running for clients. A marketing dashboard keeps you informed on every campaign detail so you can make adjustments to your marketing strategy as needed for maximum success.

Why You Need a Marketing Dashboard

Imagine being able to track every single key metric for your marketing campaigns without needing to bounce between multiple tools and accounts. How much would that improve your agency’s workflows and maximize efficiency? A ton. That’s why we have over 5000 agencies using our marketing dashboard. 

This live marketing dashboard compiles all of your important high-level marketing data and displays it in a single, unified view. It's the best way for your agency to present data to clients in an easy-to-understand, intuitive way. The marketing dashboard helps you understand which campaigns need to be optimized at a glance. When you can track each metric simultaneously, you can compare them to one another in order to find out what’s working well or what needs attention in an instant.

  • Streamline Data Analysis: Consolidate data from various marketing platforms into one dashboard automatically, making it easier to compare performance, analyze data, and deliver marketing insights.

  • Save Time: Eliminate the need to switch between different platforms to gather key marketing metrics, integrate data and increase productivity.

  • Customize Reporting: Use the drag-and-drop editor to generate top-level or detailed reports, simplifying client communication, providing actionable insights, and showcasing campaign success.

  • Boost Client Transparency: Share live marketing dashboards with clients, enhancing transparency and trust.

  • Showcase ROI: Connect marketing efforts to results using white label marketing dashboards to highlight marketing KPIs, demonstrate ROI, and reinforce the value of your agency's services.

Forget about juggling different platforms and enjoy an effortless, unified view. Customize the marketing dashboard template to incorporate any metric from a roster of over 80 platform integrations, included at no extra cost. Never miss a beat when it comes to your clients' marketing campaigns, no matter how diverse their marketing objectives or tactics are.

If you prefer to report to clients with a periodic report instead of a live dashboard, be sure to check out our marketing report template.

Easily Track All Your Clients’ Marketing Metrics

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9 Sections Included In Our Marketing Dashboard Template

Creating a marketing dashboard from scratch can seem daunting, but with our template as a starting point, agencies tailor and enhance the layout to suit each client's unique needs.

Starting with any of our marketing dashboard examples, use the drag-and-drop editor to easily create bespoke marketing dashboards that perfectly encapsulate clients' marketing goals and metrics.

1. Form Submissions (or Leads)

Leads are a critical piece in the digital marketing puzzle. They represent potential customers who have shown interest in a brand's products or services, often as a direct response to digital advertising on various platforms.

For marketing teams, tracking these leads is a critical measure of success and a way to gauge the effectiveness of their campaigns across different channels, including various social media networks. Having this data incorporated into a marketing dashboard offers a concise, consolidated view of how well digital marketing efforts are translating into concrete leads.

It also helps teams identify which platforms or campaigns are generating the most engagement and where resources should be allocated for maximum return on investment.

A high number of leads means your ads and CTAs are performing well, while a low number can indicate that something is wrong, whether that be an uncompelling offer, a flimsy CTA, or even poorly-executed ads.

Form submissions metric from the marketing dashboard template

Reporting on leads from form submissions to clients not only underscores the effectiveness of the campaigns but also reaffirms the tangible value the agency brings in driving customer engagement and potential business growth.

While measuring form submissions alone can help in its own way, it’s essential to measure this metric along with the other metrics on your marketing dashboard. For example, a high number of leads with a really low number of conversions might mean you are reaching the wrong audience and need to make adjustments to your online marketing campaigns.

2. Calls

The marketing analytics dashboard template provides an overview of how many calls your client’s business is receiving, broken down by both missed and answered calls. It's pulled in via call tracking software like CallRail or Call Tracking Metrics.

Easily track call metrics with a marketing dashboard tool

This is a helpful metric to include in a marketing KPI dashboard as it ensures your clients are also taking the appropriate steps to increase campaign performance (i.e., answering the phone). You can show clients how many calls were actually answered. If your client is missing 95% of incoming calls and you aren’t getting many conversions, this could spark a healthy conversation between you and the client.

On the flip side, if a client is answering most of the calls and you’re still experiencing lower conversions, it could be a good indication that your client’s sales techniques are off. Again, you’ll be able to start up a healthy and transparent conversation with your clients to serve their best interests using this KPI or your marketing reporting dashboard.

3. SEO Rank Changes

When you start a new marketing campaign, you work with your client to determine which keywords to target. From then on, it’s necessary to see how well you are ranking for those keywords to determine how visible your client is to potential new customers.

It displays a number that reflects your client’s SEO rank change across Google, Bing, and Google My Business (local search engine optimization). These keyword rankings are built into AgencyAnalytics and don't require any other integrations.

seo rank changes metrics are easy to add to marketing dashboards

When you can see a daily change in your client’s SEO keyword ranking across several search engines, you can make real-time adjustments to your keyword strategy. If your keywords aren’t performing well, it’s probably time to work on improving those rankings.

Although your agency may need the more comprehensive SEO analytics dashboard to track, monitor, and optimize organic traffic, client-facing marketing dashboards often focus on the most critical metrics to avoid confusion.

4. SEO Traffic (AKA Organic Traffic)

Organic traffic, a testament to the potency of a brand's SEO performance, sits at the heart of any robust marketing strategy. A surge in organic visitors signifies that a brand's content resonates well with its audience, that its keywords and SEO efforts effectively draw in users searching the web.

With the Google Analytics integration, marketing dashboards automatically capture and showcase these critical metrics. By visualizing organic traffic trends, marketing dashboards provide a window into the health of a brand's SEO strategies, influencing key decision-making and serving as a valuable indicator of a brand's overall digital presence and reach.

seo traffic web analytics metric marketing dashboard template

When measured in conjunction with your SEO rank change, the amount of SEO traffic your client’s website is getting indicates how well your SEO strategy is working.

Check Out the Robust SEO Dashboard Template

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5. Reviews

What are customers saying about your client’s business online? It’s always a good idea to keep an eye on customer reviews, and the AgencyAnalytics marketing dashboard can do just that for you.

The marketing dashboard shows you the number of reviews your client has on Google or on various sites across the web, like Yext and social media. It also displays your client’s average review score, which is almost more important than the actual number of reviews. This can be pulled in directly from Google or from a review monitoring system like Grade.Us.

reviews metric marketing dashboard template

If you’re lacking reviews, consider making one of your CTAs a request to leave a review. When you’re getting bad reviews, that’s a different beast altogether. You can communicate these bad reviews to your client, then identify the problem and come up with new marketing efforts to solve it.

6. PPC Spend

A pay-per-click (PPC) campaign is an integral part of any digital marketing campaign, and your marketing dashboard can keep track of PPC metrics, as well. One of these key metrics includes how much money you’re spending on your PPC ads from data sources like Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Bing Ads and more. Most of these platforms only charge you when someone actually clicks on one of your ads.

Easily track PPC ad spend using a marketing dashboard template

You’ll want to be sure your PPC spend is staying within the budget parameters you’ve set, of course, but there’s something else to consider with this KPI. If you’re not spending any money on PPC ads, it can mean that no one is clicking on your ads and you can then re-target your ads appropriately.

We also have a dedicated PPC dashboard if you're only reporting on PPC.

7. PPC Cost-Per Conversion

The PPC cost per conversion is a metric that tells you how much money you spend to get your client a new customer. This number is important because it helps you show your client that you’re spending within their budget.

Track cost per lead or cost per sale using a PPC cost per conversion metric

If this number exceeds the average amount of money new customers are spending on your clients’ products or services, you may actually be wasting the clients’ money. This is an important number to have before starting any marketing campaign.

8. PPC Clicks

An essential part of every PPC campaign is measuring how many people are clicking on your ads. If you’re getting a lot of clicks, it means people find your client’s offer compelling. If you aren’t getting a lot of clicks, you can look at the other KPIs on your marketing dashboard and see if you can identify where the actual problem is.

ppc clicks metric marketing dashboard template

The real-time marketing dashboard will pull PPC click data from major advertising platforms like Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Instagram Ads and more. You can also delve into what campaigns and ads are leading to the most clicks.

9. PPC Conversion Rate

Finally, the PPC conversion rate section measures how many people are clicking on your ads and then purchasing your clients’ products or services. This is obviously an important metric to measure and communicate to your clients, especially if you’re focusing on conversion rate optimization (CRO). When you can show your clients that the strategy you’re employing is improving the overall PPC conversion rate, you’ll continue to build more confidence and client satisfaction in your marketing performance.

Easily track ad conversion rates with the PPC conversion rate metric

If you aren’t getting a high conversion rate, it can mean a variety of things for your clients. For one, their offer may not be compelling enough for new customers This possibility is made clearer if you’re also getting a low number of clicks. Another possibility is that there is a problem with a client’s landing page, especially if you’re getting a high number of clicks. Again, finding the correct solution to a problem with conversion rate is made much easier with our marketing dashboard template that updates all your clients’ marketing metrics in real-time.

Dig Deep into PPC Metrics with the PPC Dashboard

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Boost Client Engagement and Retention with Marketing Dashboards

The art of client engagement and retention lies in offering customers clarity, transparency, and measurable results. Marketing dashboards rise to this challenge, serving as powerful tools for agencies to foster stronger client relationships.

Clients effortlessly navigate through their campaign data. In one glance, they witness the fruits of SEO labor, the impact of social media strategies, and the success of other digital marketing efforts. This transparency creates trust, allowing clients to see exactly how their investment is fueling their business growth.

Your agency's marketing team uses these dashboards to swiftly identify strengths and areas for improvement, making adjustments in real time. This continuous optimization process, visible to the client, reinforces the agency's commitment to delivering the best results.

In this way, marketing dashboards serve a dual purpose: they streamline agency operations and elevate the client experience, nurturing engagement and driving client retention.

Want to add more sections or custom metrics? AgencyAnalytics lets you easily drag and drop new sections to your marketing dashboard in minutes, saving your agency time and money.

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Why Your Agency Needs an AgencyAnalytics Marketing Dashboard


Say Goodbye to Deadlines

Having your client reports on autopilot means that all your clients’ latest stats are kept up to date without you having to manually transfer data from multiple platforms. It also means that you can hit schedule or send, leaving you ample time to work on the marketing creative. All you have to do is update the Executive Summary at the top, and make any additional notes or annotations as needed. Let the rest take care of itself.

report scheduling feature in the marketing dashboard template

Live, Ready-To-Go Dashboards

Get all your clients’ marketing stats under one roof in minutes. Start with one of the existing templates and move widgets and add metrics you want to highlight. You have over 80 integrations to choose from. Bonus: turn your marketing dashboards into custom client reports in minutes.

Build Dashboards & Reports Your Own Way

All Your Client’s Marketing Data in One Platform

Your clients use more than just one channel to grow their businesses. Bring all their important key performance indicators into AgencyAnalytics’ powerful reporting platform to show the complete picture of your marketing efforts.

Easily combine marketing analytics from 80+ platforms to create reports in minutes, including website traffic, Google Ads, SEO analytics, social media, call tracking, and more.

Adding marketing dashboards is easy! Create custom dashboards and reports using the drag-and-drop editor or use the predefined reports available in the free template library.

Example of Available Marketing Integrations

White Label Your Marketing Dashboards & Client Reports


Match your agency’s brand to its dashboards and reports by uploading your agency’s logo, and selecting your brand’s color theme. Take advantage of multiple white label features for a complete white-labeled experience on all Agency and Enterprise plans.

white labelled reporting features

Granular Permissions for Client & Staff Management


Save time and scale your agency by streamlining your staff’s workflows. Assign roles to your account managers so they have direct access to their clients’ campaign data. With 5 staff accounts on the Freelancer plan and unlimited staff accounts included on Agency plans and higher, your entire team has access to their own analytics interface.


Increase transparency and reduce client churn by giving your clients access to their real-time marketing dashboards. Plus, you can customize what level of detail each client can access based on their own comfort level with analytics.

Client & Staff User Account Options

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AgencyAnalytics is here to help agencies succeed. Accessible 24/5, the live chat support is renowned for lightning-fast response times, usually under 3 minutes, ensuring you're never kept waiting. But speed isn't our only virtue–we pride ourselves on the outstanding quality of our service, reflected in our customer satisfaction ratings consistently soaring above 95%.

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Report Smarter, Not Harder

Go beyond generic client reports by automatically including the most critical marketing metrics in a professional white label marketing dashboard.

Use cross-campaign reporting to pull in key analytics from multiple marketing channels and give clients a complete picture of their digital marketing success. 

Customize each dashboard or report template and then clone them to streamline client onboarding, helping your agency grow even faster.

Streamline Client Onboarding Using Agency-Level Dashboard Templates

I can’t recommend AgencyAnalytics enough. It has provided a robust portal for our major marketing analytics to share with our clients. I love that we can white label the dashboard to create a branded experience for our clients.

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