Ryan Kapczynski,
SEO Specialist at Premier Legal Marketing

Premier Legal Marketing uses AgencyAnalytics to provide transparent digital marketing reports to their law firm clients across the United States. Ryan Kapczynski, an SEO specialist who uses AgencyAnalytics on a daily basis, says the platform has improved both their client reporting and his own SEO expertise.
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Ryan Kapczynski
AgencyAnalytics has been an incredibly valuable tool for our agency. It has saved us time spent on reporting and stores all client metrics in one central location. I highly recommend it!
Ryan Kapczynski, Premier Legal Marketing

The Client

Premier Legal Marketing was founded in 2010 in New Jersey, USA. Their full-service agency focuses on promoting law firms in the crowded online space. 

After spending decades in the legal marketing industry, the agency’s founders launched PLM in order to provide a more personalized approach to serving attorneys and law firms. They serve clients nationwide, including various practice areas and digital marketing services. But offering a wide variety of campaign options led to challenges for the team when it came to reporting.

Our reporting process prior to AgencyAnalytics was all done manually. We needed a solution that would save us time and money.
Ryan Kapczynski, Premier Legal Marketing

IndustryLaw Firm Marketing
LocationNew Jersey, USA

The Challenge

PLM attributes the success of their agency to its skilled team members and their passion for marketing. And they didn’t want to bog them down with time-consuming manual processes such as client reporting. Their team, including Ryan as one of the SEO Specialists in charge of driving client results, was spending too much time manually reporting their client’s digital marketing results––and it was a process that felt disjointed and not scalable. 

But because PLM works with an industry of professional clients, not any reporting platform would do. They needed a tool that would reflect the same level of professionalism that they offered in the campaign work.

It was also important to PLM to be able to create client reports that clearly laid out the data in a concise way, with powerful data visualization options. They also need a solution that would be easy for their internal team of subject matter experts to understand and use on a daily basis. 

We were looking for a platform to create reports that were visually appealing and easy for our clients (who are often non-marketers) to review.
Ryan Kapczynski, Premier Legal Marketing

The Solution

Finding a solution that not only saved them hundreds of billable hours every month was crucial, but they also needed something that would reflect their agency’s reputation positively while reducing the workload for their campaign strategists. 

Having client reporting software that included white-label capabilities with professional-looking reports and dashboards was a necessity for PLM. 

Plus, the platform provided an easy way for the internal team to identify and act on trends, such as keyword ranking changes, site health issues, and more, to level up their own skills.

AgencyAnalytics has really helped my knowledge and understanding of the different components of SEO. It’s easy to understand, and it’s helped me advance my SEO knowledge as well.
Ryan Kapczynski, Premier Legal Marketing

The Result

After implementing AgencyAnalytics as their client reporting software, the PLM team has found it easier to gather, analyze, and report on client data and be able to relay valuable metrics to their clients.

They now save over 100 hours a month that they put towards education and campaign optimization. They’ve explored new ways to enhance their skillsets and industry knowledge through professional development, webinars, and more that enable them to help offer new ideas and strategies to their clients. 

With AgencyAnalytics, they’re able to send professional-looking reports to their clients that uphold their own brand standards while saving time and money every month. 

Some advice that Kapczynski would offer to other agencies is to take the time to become familiar with the AgencyAnayltics platform and all of the powerful features that are available. He says the knowledge he’s gained by letting AgencyAnalytics do the heavy lifting on manual reporting tasks has helped him better serve their clients in the long run.

Winning back billable time spent manually reporting allows us to better serve our clients. It provides us the opportunity to explore new ways to place our clients on page one of Google, improve their social media presence and website, or discover a new opportunity to market their services.
Ryan Kapczynski, Premier Legal Marketing

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