Instagram Dashboard

Impress clients with detailed Instagram analytics in an easy-to-use dashboard.

Track Followers
Show clients how their followers increased over time
Monitor Posts
Keep clients in the loop with live post updates
Analyze Engagement
Track comments and likes to evaluate which posts perform best
Boost Your Impact
Fine-tune your strategy with new insights about your top posts

Keep Clients In The Loop

Share Live Updates with Clients

Make client updates a quick and easy process. Give clients a custom login to a branded interface where they can conveniently view recent Instagram updates. Explore key Instagram metrics to measure campaign performance.
Share Live Updates with Clients

Share Follower History with your Client

Monitor Instagram Performance

Measure new followers over time so your client can see the growth of their Instagram audience. Include your own notes and commentary to help your clients understand your strategy! Choose to create an in-depth report with granular detail for some clients, or a high-level overview for others.
Monitor Instagram Performance

Measure Likes and Comments for your Clients

Instagram Engagement Metrics

Analyze our intuitive graphs to understand how engagement changes day-to-day. Easily spot photos with the most comments and likes, so you can keep sharing the content your followers love!
Instagram Engagement Metrics

Digital marketing moves fast, and so do we

Always Up-to-Date With the Latest Changes

When Instagram updates its API, we update our platform so you always have access to the latest changes in digital marketing. We have Instagram dashboards with detailed insights for your client’s account including metrics for discovery data, interactions, audience, posts, stories—and we're always adding more.
Always Up-to-Date With the Latest Changes

Instagram Reporting Designed for Agencies

All of Your Client’s Profiles in a Single Interface

It can be a struggle to monitor the performance of every social profile you manage. We make it easy to stay up-to-speed with every client account. Quickly navigate between clients to view their Instagram performance in an "at-a-glance" format.
All of Your Client's Profiles in a Single Interface

Instagram Analytics Report

Reporting Made Easy

Create a custom Instagram report in minutes! Save hours every month with automated reports. Add the Instagram metrics that matter most to a complete social media marketing report. Schedule the report to send daily, weekly, or monthly so your client is always up-to-speed!
Reporting Made Easy

White Label Your Instagram Dashboard

Collaborate With Your Team

Share the Instagram dashboard with everyone on your team. Create as many "staff" logins as you need and white label the dashboard with your own branding. Now your entire team can view Instagram metrics in a clear, white-labeled interface.
Collaborate With Your Team

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