Core Vitals Report Template

The core vitals report template streamlines client reporting into a swift and straightforward process. Explore how to deliver concise, impactful insights that enhance your workflow and highlight the trends that boost your client's performance.
Core Vitals Report Template Example

Why Your Agency Needs a Core Vitals Report Template

A core vitals report template is your agency's secret weapon; a partner in elevating your agency's performance and client relationships. 

First, a core vitals report template brings consistency to your reporting. A standardized, accurate, and professional report backs every client interaction. This means less confusion and more confidence in the numbers you present. Consistency breeds reliability, and that’s crucial for maintaining strong client relationships.

Second, it's a huge time-saver. Automating data compilation lets your team focus on what they do best—crafting strategies and innovating on campaigns. More time for creativity and strategy means faster responses to market shifts and client needs.

The real kicker? It provides crystal-clear insights that your clients can act on. A core vitals report zeros in on critical areas like page speed and user experience—metrics that spell success in digital marketing. By laying out these metrics clearly, you help clients make smarter decisions swiftly, building their trust in your capabilities.

Adding a core vitals report template to your toolkit is more than an operational upgrade—it’s a strategic enhancement that puts client satisfaction and agency efficiency front and center.

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10 Sections To Include in a Core Vitals Report Template

1. Cover Page

Forget one-size-fits-all reports that fail to make an impact. Distinguish your agency with a professional, branded core vitals report cover page designed to capture attention.

Core Vitals Cover Page Example

The cover page clearly outlines essential details, making it easy for clients to grasp the report's scope. Be sure to include the date the report was generated and specify the reporting period (e.g., Monthly, Weekly, Quarterly, or Campaign-Specific) it encompasses.

Customized covers and tailored report templates demonstrate your commitment to excellence, enhancing trust in your agency’s expertise in managing core vitals. The outcome? Clients are impressed and more likely to stick with your agency, which boosts retention rates and cements your reputation for delivering outstanding value.

2. Executive Summary 

Clients pressed for time need insights, not just data. An executive summary provides a succinct overview that captures attention and communicates the essential findings. It offers clients a top-level view of the most critical Core Vitals metrics, helping them understand site performance and make informed decisions quickly.

Core Vitals Report Summary Example

Creating an effective core vitals report summary requires clear communication and a focus on critical metrics for core web vitals assessment. Here are three best practices to guide your approach:

  • Highlight Key Metrics: Focus on the most impactful core vitals, such as Largest Contentful Paint (LCP), First Input Delay (FIP), and Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS).

  • Use Direct Language: Keep the summary straightforward and jargon-free to ensure clarity.

  • Actionable Recommendations: Always conclude with practical steps that can be taken to improve core web vitals metrics discussed.

3. Performance Score

Performance score is one of Google’s core web vitals to include in your report. It shows how well a web page meets user needs. It combines several performance metrics to give a single, straightforward score.

Core Vitals Performance Score

Including Google Lighthouse’s performance score in your reports shows clients the overall health of their web pages. It takes complex data—like how quickly a page loads (site speed) or how it responds to user input requests (user interactions)—and sums it up in one clear score. 

By featuring this score, you directly link your work to improvements in Google core web vitals and other major benchmarks considered important for a quality user experience. This supports the value of your services and aligns your strategies with measurable success, making it easier for clients to see the benefits of continuing their investment.

4. SEO Score

An SEO score assesses how well a website is optimized for search engines. It evaluates content quality, keyword usage, site structure, and mobile-friendliness and combines them into a comprehensive score.

Core Vitals SEO Score

Including Google Lighthouse’s SEO score in your core vitals reports lets clients see a clear, quantifiable measure of how their website performs against SEO best practices. This score provides a snapshot of the site's current performance and highlights areas for improvement. 

By translating technical optimizations into a single score, you demonstrate direct benefits like improved site visibility and higher rankings. This helps clients understand the value of their investment in SEO and encourages ongoing commitment to enhancing their web presence.

5. Accessibility Score

An accessibility score is a crucial core web vitals metric that quantifies how well a website meets accessibility standards. It ensures all users, including those with disabilities, can navigate and interact with the site effectively.

Core Vitals Accessibility Score

Including Google Lighthouse’s Accessibility Score in your core vitals reports clarifies the extent to which a site is user-friendly for people with various disabilities. This score evaluates elements like text size, color contrast, keyboard navigation, and alternative text for images. 

It showcases your commitment to creating inclusive web experiences and highlights the practical improvements made under your guidance. By improving accessibility, agencies help clients expand their audience reach and enhance user satisfaction, which is key to retaining users and improving overall site engagement.

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6. Best Practices Score

A best practices score evaluates how well a website adheres to modern web development standards and practices, focusing on security protocols, clean code, and optimized formats.

Core Vitals Best Practices Score

Including Google Lighthouse’s best practices score in your reports offers clients a straightforward measure of their website’s technical health. This score assesses critical elements that impact a website's performance and security, such as secure connections, modern image formats, and the absence of console errors. 

The best practices score demonstrates your expertise in maintaining high standards in web development and shows tangible evidence of your agency’s impact on improving digital infrastructure. Clients see clear, quantifiable benefits of your work, which supports continued investment in their site's optimization and maintenance.

7. Load Time

Load time measures the speed at which a web page becomes fully visible and usable to a visitor. It’s a critical component of web performance, directly influencing user satisfaction and engagement.

Core Vitals Load Time

Including load time via Google Lighthouse in your reports provides a clear, direct view of how quickly a site responds to user requests. Load time directly impacts how users perceive a site—faster load times mean happier users and potentially higher conversion rates. 

By demonstrating improvements in load time, you effectively showcase your agency's capability to enhance user experience and site performance. This helps retain clients by showing continuous improvement and positions your agency as committed to delivering top-tier web performance.

8. Crawl Errors

Crawl errors occur when search engines like Google attempt to reach a page on a website but fail. These errors may severely impact a site’s visibility and search engine ranking by preventing pages from being indexed correctly.

Core Vitals Crawl Errors

Including crawl errors in your reports (via the Bing Webmaster Tools integration) is crucial for transparency and corrective action. For marketing agencies, tracking and reporting these errors show your proactive approach to SEO management. It highlights issues like broken links or server errors that could hinder a site’s performance. 

By identifying and resolving these errors, you demonstrate your agency’s diligence in ensuring that every page on the client’s site is accessible and indexable by search engines. This improves the site's SEO health and reinforces client trust in your agency’s capability to manage and optimize its digital presence effectively.

9. Google Search Console Alerts

Google Search Console alerts notify website administrators of issues that could affect their site’s performance in Google search results. These alerts can cover various topics, from indexing problems to security concerns.

Core Vitals Alerts Breakdown

Including Google Search Console alerts in your reports is crucial for maintaining optimal site health and search visibility. For marketing agencies, these alerts are valuable tools for preemptive action and informed decision-making. They provide early warnings about potential problems that need immediate attention, such as mobile usability issues, manual actions taken by Google, or security threats like hacking. 

Reporting these alerts to clients demonstrates your agency’s commitment to keeping their site running smoothly and securely. It also underscores the value of your continuous monitoring services, helping clients understand the ongoing nature of SEO and the necessity of swift responses to preserve their rankings and user experience.

10. Google PageSpeed

Google PageSpeed evaluates a web page's performance and provides a score based on its speed and other user experience criteria. This score reflects how well a page adheres to best practices for speed and optimization.

Track website performance in client proposals and reports with AgencyAnalytics' Google PageSpeed integration.

For marketing agencies, Google PageSpeed metrics offer a clear, quantifiable insight into how various optimizations—like compressing images, leveraging browser caching, and minimizing JavaScript—enhance site performance. 

Presenting Google PageSpeed scores helps clients understand the direct impact of these changes, linking your efforts to improved load times and better user experiences. This makes it easier for clients to see the value of your services, encouraging continued investment in their site's optimization to achieve higher performance.

How To Create Custom Core Vitals Report Templates To Meet Client Needs

AgencyAnalytics’ 11-Second Smart Reports significantly accelerate client reporting, allowing agencies to swiftly generate comprehensive, customizable reports. By automating the most time-consuming aspects of report creation, agencies focus on delivering insights and strategies that highlight their impact rather than getting bogged down by data compilation.

Creating Smart Reports: A Step-by-Step Guide

  • Integrate Your Data Sources: Connect your agency’s digital marketing tools and platforms. Each integration automatically populates a dedicated page in your report, organizing data by source for clarity and depth.

  • Construct an Overview Page: After setting up your integrations, add an overview page to the report’s homepage. This page is where you provide a high-level summary of all key metrics and findings.

  • Customize With Drag-and-Drop Widgets: Enhance the overview page by dragging and dropping custom widgets that display the specific results your agency is driving. This feature allows for deep customization to align with client needs and expectations.

Cote Vitals Report Drag & Drop

  • Use Google Sheets Integration: For metrics or data not covered by existing integrations, use the Google Sheets integration to import and display this information seamlessly within your Smart Reports.

By leveraging the power of 11-Second Smart Reports, agencies eliminate tedious manual data entry and shift their focus towards more valuable activities such as strategic analysis, compelling presentation, and enhanced client engagement.

Streamline Reporting With Core Vitals Templates and Focus on What Matters

A core vitals report template saves valuable time, simplifies your reporting process, and lets your agency focus on what's essential: crafting effective strategies and strengthening client relationships.

Core Vitals Streamline Client Reporting

Easily highlight the most crucial core vitals insights, customized for each client’s unique needs, with just a few drags and drops. Enhance your agency’s reputation with unmatched personalization, precision, and scalability, and foster deeper, more strategic client engagements. 

The platform is incredibly user-friendly and offers a wide range of reporting features that have helped us streamline our reporting process and provide more value to our clients. We highly recommend it to other marketing agencies looking to improve their reporting process and drive better results.

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Set custom goals that match your clients' campaign targets, empowering your agency to monitor progress with pinpoint accuracy. Showcase your strategic depth and commitment and boost your agility in optimizing campaigns. With every goal met, reinforce your reputation as a proactive partner.

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