A Customer Story with the CEO of K Bizz Solutions, Amir Rangwala

How K Bizz saved $38,000 after implementing AgencyAnalytics

  • $38400
    Saved Annually
  • 160+ Hours
    Saved Each Month
  • 50+
    Dashboards Created

"AgencyAnalytics helped us deliver on our mission statement by providing a high level of transparency and accountability that built trust with our clients."

The Client

K Bizz Solutions is a web design and digital marketing agency based in Houston, Texas. Their services include everything from custom websites, branding, SEO, PPC, and software development.

  • Industry
    Web Design & Digital Marketing
  • Location
    Houston, Texas
  • Founded

The Challenge

Building Trust With Transparent Reporting

In the early days of their agency, K Bizz hired a full-time employee to manually create reports for their clients each month. This involved piecing together numerous tools such as Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, and more. One of their main challenges was that clients couldn't access their data on their schedule, which led to a lack of transparency in their reporting.

"Initially, we were sending reports on a monthly basis, although clients kept asking to see their data on their own schedule. Not having the ability to send clients access to their own marketing dashboards led to a lack of transparency in our reporting."

The Solution

Giving Clients Access to 24/7 Live Dashboards

The CEO of K Bizz Solutions came from a data analytics background and immediately saw the value of an all-in-one reporting platform like AgencyAnalytics. After trying several reporting platforms, they chose AgencyAnalytics not only for its ease-of-use, but also because the customer support they received while setting everything up was top notch. By creating 24/7 live dashboards and giving clients their own login access, this allowed them to bring more accountability to their reporting.

"In the early days, we weren't able to retain several clients because we didn't have a way to provide access to their marketing data on their own schedule. AgencyAnalytics not only helped us save time in our reporting, but it also became a trust-building tool with clients."

The Result

Higher Client Retention & Upsells

Initially, we had a full-time employee that spent at least 160 hours per month on manual reporting. Using the dashboard templates provided by AgencyAnalytics freed up our employees to focus on more high-value tasks. Aside from the time saved each month, our reporting has allowed us to both upsell and retain clients by clearing showing them the value of our services with intuitive data visualization.

"Ultimately, AgencyAnalytics helped us deliver on our mission statement and build transparency, accountability, and trust with our clients."