Bob Sporner Lanz,
founder of RJS Media Consulting

How RJS Media saved 6-8+ hours each month after implementing AgencyAnalytics
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Bob Sporner Lanz, founder of RJS Media Consulting
Client communication has gotten so much easier after implementing AgencyAnalytics. Instead of having to explain to clients what we did each month (which is now taken care of in each report), we’re able to focus our discussions on more strategic things like where we’re going next and how we can improve their campaigns.
Bob Sporner Lanz, RJS Media Consulting

The Client

Founded in 2017, RJS Media Consulting is a digital marketing agency that works primarily with automotive dealerships and limousine companies. The provide end-to-end marketing services including web design, paid advertising, social media marketing, email marketing, and SEO. Each year they've been growing the agency by between 75% to 100%.

IndustryAutomative & Transportation
LocationSan Diego, California

The Challenge

Roughly 6 months ago Bob started running more paid search advertising campaigns for his clients and needed a better way of sending reports to clients. Aside from keeping clients informed on their campaigns, Bob wanted an easier way to stay on top of the performance of each of his client campaigns. At this time, he was manually collecting data from various platforms like Semrush, Optimizer, Wordstream, and several others. In total, Bob was spending at least 6-8 hours each month manually collecting data and preparing it for clients.

AgencyAnalytics has not only opened my eyes to key insights into campaign performance that were previously being missed, but has drastically increased our customer satisfaction.
Bob Sporner Lanz, RJS Media Consulting

The Solution

Immediately after implementing AgencyAnalytics, clients commented that they liked how the information in each report was both more thorough, but still very easy and intuitive to understand. Bob uses both periodic reports and live dashboards for various clients as some are more tech-savvy than others. With live dashboards, for example, he can customize the dashboard to provide more granular insights to those clients that are looking for more detailed reporting. For other clients, Bob will use periodic reports with slightly less data to prevent data overload.

AgencyAnalytics makes our customers feel better about the service they’re getting. They get key insights into the performance of their campaigns that they didn’t have before. Having all their data in one place really helps tell the whole story.
Bob Sporner Lanz, RJS Media Consulting

The Result

A key outcome from implementing AgencyAnalytics is significantly increased customer satisfaction. By showcasing all their data in one easy-to-understand report, they can see the performance of their account as a whole, while still getting detailed insights into individual campaign performance. Depending on their level of technical expertise, Bob will tailor his reporting to fit their unique needs. Also, after implementing AgencyAnalytics, Bob has been able to cut his reporting time each month from 8+ hours to roughly 1.5 hours each month.

If you want to scale your agency, step 1 is to be as transparent as possible with your clients. Nobody is perfect and you’re going to make mistakes, but by being upfront and providing consistent communication with clients, the better relationships you’re going to have.
Bob Sporner Lanz, RJS Media Consulting

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