Cheryl Ingram,
Managing Director at TDMC

The Digital Media Collective spends more time communicating with clients and assessing their needs instead of reporting numbers manually.
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Cheryl Ingram, Managing Director of TDMC
The time saved on aggregating and formatting the data is priceless. AgencyAnalytis provides consistency in what goes to clients and the ability to get reports on time - all pointing to increased levels of professionalism.
Cheryl Ingram, TDMC

The Client

The Digital Media Collective (TDMC) was founded by Cheryl Ingram in January 2013. She was a one-woman-show in the early stages of the agency, but now she successfully directs a close-knit team of 46. 

TDMC focuses on turning digital marketing results into tangible real-world results. Their team of experts is based in South Africa and the United Kingdom and they are the only female-founded Shopify experts in South Africa.

They deliver a holistic approach to eCommerce and digital marketing solutions for their 100+ clients worldwide. 

With the eCommerce landscape changing so drastically, our agency was scaling fast. Reporting was wasting a lot of our time, especially when we have so many other priorities!
Cheryl Ingram, TDMC

LocationSA & UK

The Challenge

During recent economic struggles, TDMC was well-positioned to help retailers as they pivoted to get their merchandise online. 

As one of only four accredited Shopify Expert Teams in South Africa, their hard work and persistence paid off with a substantial increase in their client base. 

However, as their team was quickly growing, Ingram found it difficult to keep up with outdated reporting methods. 

We used a combination of reporting platforms and manual PowerPoint reporting. But we needed a solution that ticked a lot of our eCommerce boxes.
Cheryl Ingram, TDMC

The Solution

It was important to Ingram that her team spend more time communicating with clients and assessing their needs instead of reporting numbers manually. 

With AgencyAnalytics, they were able to automate that process and do less of the “grunt work” to aggregate client data. Plus, with countless integrations to choose from, including Shopify, AgencyAnalytics was the ideal reporting solution for TDMC.

Being able to provide better service to existing clients and take on additional business was paramount for TDMC. The time saved on aggregating and formatting the data is priceless.
Cheryl Ingram, TDMC

The Result

By using AgencyAnayltics for their client reporting, the team is now able to prepare all of their client’s important metrics within the first week of the month and send off professional-looking reports that reflect their agency’s brand identity. This improvement in efficiency has helped them onboard more clients and continue to scale their agency.

Some advice that Ingram would offer other agencies is to build out templates that focus on metrics that each client needs to see. After creating those templates, make sure your reports are meaningful, to the point, and understandable because a lot of clients don’t have the time to decipher complicated data.

Simply put, if the data in your report doesn’t answer the “so what?” question, then don’t bother sending the report.

Our clients receive their data in a timely fashion, they do not need to repeatedly chase us for feedback, and our team is able to make the necessary adjustments using the data that’s most relevant.
Cheryl Ingram, TDMC

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