David Sardinha,
VP/COO of The Marketing Machine

The Marketing Machine uses AgencyAnalytics to create clear, consistent dashboards and reports for their clients.
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AgencyAnalytics is a powerful and easy-to-use tool for reporting on an entire marketing mix for our clients. It saves both the client and the agency time and helps us build stronger client engagements.
David Sardinha, The Marketing Machine

The Client

The Marketing Machine was created by Paul Spinak in 1998. In the early days of their agency, it was just Paul running the show with a handful of clients. Since then, they have served several hundred clients, working like an extension of their client's internal teams.

From branding to project management, this creative services agency helps their customers grow businesses of all sizes. They’re located in the heart of Raleigh, North Carolina, which fosters an environment of excitement and innovation in their team that is passed along to their clients in the work that they do. 

The Marketing Machine boasts years of experience working with business owners, C-level executives, and marketing directors, all of whom have different campaign and reporting needs.

The biggest contributor to our agency’s growth is our tenacity. We blend traditional and digital marketing and we’re also not tied to any specific industry. We focus on good marketing, strong creative, and take a consultative approach with all of our clients.
David Sardinha, The Marketing Machine

LocationRaleigh, NC

The Challenge

As The Marketing Machine scaled over the years, they picked up multiple reporting processes along the way. 

Their team was using a combination of standard Google Analytics dashboards, custom spreadsheets, and custom analysis. This took away valuable time from market research, strategic planning, campaign execution, and client management. 

They were looking for software that would solve this time-consuming challenge, but the other solutions they tried didn’t have the combination of the integrations, the white-label capabilities, and the Google Sheets data connection that they needed.

Everything was a “one-off” and manual before. This took up a lot of our time and lead to inconsistent reporting. AgencyAnalytics was easy to use and had all the right integrations, plus it gave us the flexibility we needed to integrate our existing custom spreadsheets.
David Sardinha, The Marketing Machine

The Solution

By implementing AgencyAnalytics as their reporting solution, The Marketing Machine gained an additional 60 hours every month that they can put towards doing better research and campaign delivery for their clients.

As every agency knows, time is money. These 60 hours also save them around $1,500 in staff time every monthly reporting cycle.

They love the report templates that AgencyAnalytics has available and that they’re able to create a process that’s consistent and repeatable.

AgencyAnalytics allows us to spend more valuable face-to-face time with our clients and less time in front of a keyboard.
David Sardinha, The Marketing Machine

The Result

Now, The Marketing Machine is able to use the reports as a valuable tool to communicate improvements and solutions with their clients on a regular basis. And their clients actually look forward to the meetings because the data is easy to comprehend.

David Sardinha recommends not to get buried in the data itself. He says it’s best to interpret the data for your clients and summarize the big-picture results. His team uses AgencyAnalytics as a tool to help educate and then drill down into specific numbers if needed.

The clear, concise reports are great. Plus, our clients get direct access to their entire campaign picture. Everybody wins.
David Sardinha, The Marketing Machine

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