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Graham Lumley,
Director of Digital Marketing at Blackhawk Digital Marketing

Blackhawk Digital Marketing uses AgencyAnayltics as a tool to maintain transparency with their clients and close more deals.

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Graham Lumley

The Client

Blackhawk Digital Marketing is a one-stop-marketing-shop founded in 2016 by CEO, Jonathan Windham in Austin, TX. They work with businesses in over 30 states across the U.S. as well as some in Europe and Australia.

Since starting, Blackhawk Digital Marketing has built over 400 client websites and currently has ongoing management, marketing, and optimization contracts with 75 clients.  

They offer everything from website design to animation, CRM management, and more, plus the addition of cohesive strategies and in-depth reporting.  

They believe that part of their success is driven by maintaining absolute transparency. The Blackhawk team ensures a constant stream of communication and gives each client access to their campaign reporting. That is one of the things that drew them to AgencyAnalytics. 

With over With over {{company_stats:integrations_count}} different integrations, they quickly and easily create comprehensive reports for their clients covering website performance, search engine optimization, advertising, social media, email, and more.  different integrations, they quickly and easily create comprehensive reports for their clients covering website performance, search engine optimization, advertising, social media, email, and more. 

Not only did this help provide in-depth reporting to their clients, but it reduced the burden on the team to create them. This helped improve Blackhawk’s overall work-life balance and employee morale, something very important to the Founder. 

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LocationAustin, TX

The Challenge

The Blackhawk team helps has their hands in a lot of digital channels, from the initial website design to running client campaigns across multiple platforms, including paid ads, SEO, and email marketing–all of which they reported on monthly.  

Because of this complexity, they were finding it difficult to combine all of their client’s marketing data and their process was quickly becoming complicated. They spent a lot of time manually creating and updating custom spreadsheets using Google Sheets. 

Their reporting process would take about 1.5 hours per individual campaign. And they would repeat this process each time a new client was onboarded. In total, it required approximately 100 hours per month just to complete their client reports. They knew this wasn’t scalable, and would hamper their long-term growth.

The Solution

Blackhawk tried other reporting platforms but struggled with the integrations and platform stability. Their team needed something they could trust to paint a clear picture of their entire marketing funnel for their clients. 

They went looking for something that was user-friendly for their internal team to use and also easy for their clients to understand the reports being generated. 

After testing out AgencyAnayltics dashboards and reports, they knew they had found a streamlined reporting process that would eliminate hours of manual grunt work, all while demonstrating their agency’s value to their clients.

The Result

When they onboard a new client, they start by creating a new account in AgencyAnayltics and integrating all of their client’s relevant platforms. They implement a custom dashboard that emphasizes the client's main marketing channels and KPIs – traffic, conversions, and revenue. Every single client also receives a login to access their data any time they want.

The Blackhawk team sets up automated reports that are delivered directly to their client's inboxes. Clients love the reports because they’re easy to understand the current state of their marketing efforts and overall company growth.

Beyond using AgencyAnayltics as a reporting tool for existing clients, Blackhawk also uses the platform when pitching their services to potential new clients. Showcasing the client reports as part of the sales process not only helps them maintain their transparent approach–something that their clients really appreciate–but has also helped them close more deals.

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