Janeene High
CEO, Results Driven Marketing

Results Driven Marketing uses AgencyAnalytics to present their clients’ marketing data in an accurate and professional manner during their monthly client meetings. They also use the platform to measure the success of their clients' campaign performance.
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We love AgencyAnalytics! It has saved our team so much time when it comes to client reporting. The interface is very easy to use and understand for our clients, which is an added bonus!
Janeene High, Results Driven Marketing

The Client

Results Driven Marketing (RDM) is a full-service agency based in Charleston, SC. The agency was founded in 2013 by Janeene High with just four clients. Today, their team of 10 Googlers serve over 45 clients across the US. 

Although they offer a range of services, they specialize in all things Google-related including pay-per-click and SEO services for their legal, home care, and home improvement industry clients.

RDM’s biggest driver of success and agency growth is their customer service–something they’re known for among existing and new clients. Because of this approach, their clients feel understood and valued, spreading the word and creating numerous referrals for RDM. 

As High puts it, “Without our clients, there is no RDM, so we put their needs at the top of our priority list every day!”

We have a passion for making a difference in people’s lives at RDM. Helping businesses help their clients is our true passion–Whether it’s in the form of legal help, seeking a caregiver, or getting a new roof!
Janeene High, Results Driven Marketing

IndustryLegal, Home Care, & Home Improvement
LocationCharleston, SC

The Challenge

As the agency grew, client reporting absorbed more and more of the agency’s resources, which ended with some dire consequences. RDM had the unfortunate experience of losing one of its largest clients. Instead of admitting defeat and closing its doors, High went on a new client acquisition mission and signed up new client after new client. 

Today, RDM is bigger and more successful than ever, partly due to that unexpected hardship and the motivation it created to grow and create new products to help its clients grow.

However, because of this turbulent time, High knew that things had to change and began looking into ways to run the agency more efficiently so the agency could focus on client acquisition and retention. One of the processes that stood out as consuming too much time was their monthly client reporting. 

They were using multiple tools to get their clients' data and compile it into a PDF report. It was a very time-consuming process and prone to manual copy-and-paste errors that had to be corrected before the data could be presented to clients. 

RDM needed a solution that would help them analyze all of their clients’ marketing data in one place to paint a full picture of how their campaigns worked in concert. With their current process, they couldn’t integrate every platform their clients were using, so the data was always kept separate, making it harder to blend the data and make meaningful connections between all the moving parts.

We always strive to serve our clients as efficiently as possible. If our team has more time to complete certain tasks, that has a chain reaction – Our clients are happy, our productivity increases, our reputation is boosted, and even our revenue.
Janeene High, Results Driven Marketing

The Solution

In an effort to streamline their manual client reporting, RDM looked for a tool with two significant features: 

1. Automated data retrieval for client marketing reports,  

2. And marketing integrations that their clients are using 

To consistently impress their clients, RDM needed a tool that would not only save them time compiling client data, but also help them present results clearly during client meetings. 

Using AgencyAnalytics, their team now tackles client reporting much faster than their outdated manual process. Instead of taking billable hours to create client reports, they tackle projects quicker and deliver results to their clients sooner.

When jumping from task to task and meeting to meeting, knowing that we can simply download the monthly report we just presented to the client and even hand them the report with the click of a button is a true timesaver for our client-facing team.
Janeene High, Results Driven Marketing

The Result

RDM goes into client meetings feeling confident with the data they’re presenting. They not only save time creating reports with the help of templates, but they also know everything is accurate and have the information they need to answer any client questions. 

Their team has seen clients get excited about certain results they weren’t able to report on in the past, and most importantly–they’re getting a clear view of the agency’s ROI, which makes them feel confident in their marketing spend with RDM. 

High’s advice for other agencies looking to streamline their client reporting process: 

“Take the time to create templates for any reports your clients need. It may take more time upfront, but the long-term gain in time saved is worth it. ”

Our agency is able to provide accurate data in meetings with AgencyAnalytics, which helps client retention. Our clients can now see and understand their marketing data and results from the services we provide for them.
Janeene High, Results Driven Marketing

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