Jessica Crist, Production & Content Manager at High Five Media

High Five Media significantly enhanced its client reporting process and agency-client relationships with AgencyAnalytics, overcoming data consolidation, customization, and communication challenges.
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Jessica Crist, Production & Content Manager at High Five Media
We have an intimate understanding of local market dynamics and a shared commitment to contributing to the prosperity of Oklahoma by helping clients elevate their brand visibility and reach.
Jessica Crist, High Five Media

The Client

High Five Media is an innovative advertising agency based in Oklahoma. With a rich history of serving local businesses, the agency prides itself on being a one-stop shop for comprehensive marketing solutions—from strategic planning and creative development to digital marketing, social media management, content writing, reporting, and analytics.

High Five Media distinguishes itself through its in-house capabilities, and the agency doesn’t outsource any aspect of client projects. The agency is renowned for its expertise in video production, creating high-quality video content that effectively captures audience attention and delivers impactful messages.

We believe in building lasting partnerships with our clients, supporting their growth, and becoming an integral part of their success stories.
Jessica Crist, High Five Media

IndustryLocal Business & Video Production
LocationOklahoma City, USA

The Challenge

Before implementing AgencyAnalytics as its reporting tool, High Five Media’s client reporting process heavily relied on DashThis, which presented several significant pain points hindering the agency's growth and client communications.

These pain points included limited customization options that made it challenging to create fully personalized, branded reports for clients and cumbersome data integration that led to inconsistencies and fragmentation.

High Five Media found report generation time-consuming, which often led to delays in reporting, and needed a better selection of reporting templates with the ability to format them based on each client's preferences and requirements. Finally, they required interactive features that would allow clients to engage with the data and explore insights on their own. 

These consistent problems impeded our agency’s growth and negatively impacted our client communications. We realized the need for a robust reporting tool to address these pain points, streamline our reporting process, and deliver comprehensive, interactive, visually appealing reports to our clients.
Jessica Crist, High Five Media

The Solution

A team member who had previously used AgencyAnalytics recommended the software to solve High Five Media’s problem and sold the agency on adopting the platform.

Because a centralized reporting source was vital for High Five Media, AgencyAnalytics was the solution that would equip High Five Media with a robust, user-friendly, and feature-rich platform with 80+ integrations, automated reporting, 24/7 client access, custom templates, white labeling, and enhanced data visualization. 

Additionally, AgencyAnalytics' customer support level thoroughly impressed High Five Media. 

“The support team is responsive, knowledgeable, and always willing to assist with any questions or challenges we encounter,” Crist says. “This ensures a smooth experience for our agency.”

We have experienced significant improvements in our client reporting process, enabling us to deliver exceptional results and strengthen our agency-client relationships.
Jessica Crist, High Five Media

The Result

With AgencyAnalytics automating repetitive reporting tasks, High Five Media’s team has more time to concentrate on driving results and providing exceptional service. Their clients have responded positively to the reports, finding them informative, engaging, and easy to interpret. Since AgencyAnalytics compiles the pertinent metrics from all the platforms where their clients’ video content lives, it’s easy to communicate trends and performance results.

AgencyAnalytics has helped High Five Media address data consolidation, customization, client communication, and scalability challenges. By leveraging the platform's capabilities, the agency has successfully achieved its goals, driving efficiency and delivering greater value to clients.

The time saved by using AgencyAnalytics has been reinvested in strengthening client relationships, optimizing campaigns, and driving strategic growth. It has empowered us to be more proactive, responsive, and innovative in meeting each client’s unique needs and objectives.
Jessica Crist, High Five Media

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