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Owner of MyMediaMatters

MyMediaMatters uses AgencyAnalytics to communicate critical marketing data to their local business clients every month.
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I love AgencyAnalytics! It’s a great software that allows us to fully automate our end-of-the-month client traffic reports. I also love all the options they have to customize each report.
Kelsey Wagner, MyMediaMatters

The Client

MyMediaMatters is a digital marketing agency based in Ponca City, Oklahoma. They specialize in helping local businesses with website design and overall online presence. 

From medical spas to non-profit organizations and real estate businesses, MyMediaMatters provides solutions for clients to reach and engage customers.

Because of their localized focus, MyMediaMatters goes above and beyond to show they’re invested in the local economy. They often participate or partner in local initiatives and also have a physical office on Main Street.

Wagner’s 100% women-owned company has developed over 350 websites since its inception, and she is committed to further expanding her agency far into the future.

We put a huge emphasis on in-person or over-the-phone communication, and go above and beyond to take care of the needs of our business clients.
Kelsey Wagner, MyMediaMatters

IndustryLocal Business
LocationPonca City, Oklahoma

The Challenge

Wagner began noticing many local business owners in her community were frustrated with their digital marketing. They were working with “tech nerds with no people skills,” and there was a huge disconnect between marketing results and value. 

When Wagner launched MyMediaMatters, she knew she wanted a reporting platform that would clearly communicate marketing results. It was crucial for her local business clients to easily understand their marketing data and for MyMediaMatters to have the tools to provide a clear plan for how to reach a wider audience online.

The community that MyMediaMatters serves needed support, and Wagner was determined to provide a solution.

MyMediaMatters tested several different reporting platforms, but the experiences were far from seamless. Their previous solutions' complexity and lack of user-friendliness led them to seek a better option.

Our time is so precious. We are a small business, so choosing a software we can use to automate our client reporting is so helpful.
Kelsey Wagner, MyMediaMatters

The Solution

The team began looking for a solution that offered both ease of updating, especially when onboarding new clients, and the ability to provide white label reports. Ensuring that these reports met their agency's high standards was a top priority in their decision-making process.

Constantly on the hunt for new software, Wagner searched for something that would streamline their reporting procedures, granting them more billable time to create innovative campaigns tailored to their local market.

Wagner found AgencyAnalytics and was instantly impressed by the site, the automated report-building, and the customization options, making it "Super Easy to deliver quality reports!"

We believe that strong businesses support a strong community. That community focus drives our agency. We are a strong, powerful women-led, and mostly women-operated company that prides itself in breaking glass ceilings as we go!
Kelsey Wagner, MyMediaMatters

The Result

After implementing AgencyAnalytics as their reporting software, MyMediaMatters has reduced their client reporting time from over four hours per client to less than one. They set up marketing dashboards and rely on client report templates to streamline their processes. 

Both options help their agency visually show clients how the work they’re doing is positively impacting their bottom line.

They also love that reports can be sent out on an automated schedule, keeping their agency top of mind in their clients’ inboxes. MyMediaMatters uses AgencyAnalytics to continue fostering great communication amongst their local community. 

Our previous reporting platform was honestly terrible. AgencyAnalytics does all the hard work for us and enables us to work smarter, not harder.
Kelsey Wagner, MyMediaMatters

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