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Kevin Szypula,
COO of Ferocious Media

How Ferocious Media was able to cut down their reporting time by 60-80% with AgencyAnalytics

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IndustrySEO, PPC, & Web Design
LocationLong Island, New York

The Client

Digital Marketing Agency with a Focus on Local Businesses

Ferocious Media is a full-service digital marketing agency that focuses on B2B marketing, primarily for local businesses. Their services include SEO, PPC, and web design. Given their focus on local marketing, they have extensive experience working with Yelp Ads to drive new leads to local businesses.

The Challenge

Efficiently Tracking Data & Attributing Leads

In the early days of building their agency, being able to track and attribute data such as where their phone calls were coming from was a challenge. This wasn’t unique to their agency, as many local businesses struggled with figuring out which online channels were driving their leads. These days, now that attribution and tracking solutions have evolved, they needed to be able to deliver more than just where their leads are coming from—they needed to pinpoint exactly how much revenue these online sources are driving for their clients by keyword, campaign, time of day, and much more.

The Solution

Replacing Their Internal Dashboards with AgencyAnalytics

Ferocious media has been with AgencyAnalytics for roughly a year and a half now. At their previous agency, they had built their own internal dashboards for reporting, although they were only able to track several marketing channels due to the complexity. It was apparent to them that as they were performing more and more marketing activities for their local business clients, managing all their data in their own internal dashboards was simply too complicated and costly.

The Result

Reduced Their Reporting Time Down by 60-80%

When Ferocious Media started using AgencyAnalytics, a key part of their success as an agency was being able to show exactly what results their clients were getting. They were able to easily show key metrics like their return on ad spend (ROAS) and which channels were their most profitable.

Given that their campaigns often involved several marketing channels, they also found our 60+ integrations were also tremendously valuable. Given that AgencyAnalytics is focused on automated reporting for marketing agencies, they always knew that each API connection was up-to-date, and they no longer needed multiple engineers to build and manage their own internal dashboards anymore.

One of the key results is that with their focus on local businesses and our Yelp Ads integration, it cut their reporting time down by at least 60-80%. Aside from just the time they’ve saved, the reports they send to clients now look much more clean and professional.

Another important part about their reporting that has improved is that the data is not only visually appealing but also easy-to-understand for small, local business owners who don’t necessarily have technical expertise in digital marketing. Finally, as they bring more and more clients to their agency, Kevin is always happy to know that the platform scales right alongside their business needs.

What Made You Choose AgencyAnalytics Over Other Platforms?

Attractive Pricing & Ease of Use

One of the main things that led Ferocious to AgencyAnalytics is the attractive pricing model. They were able to test the platform out with a small number of clients and with our recent pricing update, they would only pay exactly the number of campaigns they use.

Another key part of choosing AgencyAnalytics over others was the ease of use. For some other platforms, they would still require an engineer to get things set up initially. With their volume of clients, this didn’t make sense and they wanted a platform where they could get up and running in minutes rather than days.

Kevin’s final piece of advice to agency owners is to focus on their core competencies. Unless you’re a huge company, it usually doesn’t make sense to build your own reporting platform internally.

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