Lane Anderson,
Founder & CEO at London Road Marketing

How London Road Marketing uses AgencyAnalytics to save time on client reporting to focus on growing their agency.
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Lane Anderson, London Road Marketing
AgencyAnalytics gives our clients clarity and confidence because of how easily we communicate our efforts and results to them on a consistent basis. It elevates our professionalism and is part of what allows us to charge the prices we know we’re worth.
Lane Anderson, London Road Marketing

The Client

Lane Anderson founded London Road Marketing in 2016. Since then, his Lethbridge, Alberta-based agency has been growing steadily, and his team now helps over 40 local business clients across Canada.

Anderson found an opportunity to help the small business community with their marketing initiatives while maintaining low service prices. London Road Marketing achieves this with their localized client relationships and a central fulfillment hub that efficiently executes deliverables. 

Their team of ten works with clients as their do-it-all external marketing department, designed to feel as close as possible to an in-house marketing team–helping their clients and their agency scale.

We’re on our way to becoming Canada’s small business marketing company with offices across the country–affordably fulfilled from one center. Our agency is a hybrid of the best parts of local and remote services.
Lane Anderson, London Road Marketing

IndustrySmall Businesses
LocationAlberta, CA

The Challenge

Anderson and his team spend all the time they can helping local businesses grow. They take a holistic approach to fostering long-term relationships, including offering consultation services. This client-first approach means taking the feedback they receive to design approaches and processes specifically tailored to the clients’ needs. 

Because the local clients they serve have faced a lot of empty marketing promises, Anderson recognized that it was crucial to communicate their agency’s success and legitimacy to build trust.

One key way they achieve this is through easy-to-digest visual reports. Although they started out using a graphics program to create infographic-style reports, they quickly realized that process was not scalable.

I was spending hours gathering data and manually creating visual reports in Piktograph. That only lasted a few months before I found AgencyAnalytics and cut the time down enormously while adding the extra benefit of dashboards.
Lane Anderson, London Road Marketing

The Solution

AgencyAnalytics has revolutionized how they communicate with their clients by offering an innovative and streamlined approach to visual reporting through marketing dashboards. By consolidating all of their clients' marketing data onto one platform, they have drastically reduced the time spent creating comprehensive overviews of their client campaigns.

London Road Marketing also uses their reports to communicate and advise their clients on best practices. So, being able to include commentary and notes to interpret some of the data has been critical. 

We used to spend about 3 hours per month on a client report. But if they looked like what our reports look like now–which we are able to create in about an hour–probably would’ve taken 5 hours.
Lane Anderson, London Road Marketing

The Result

London Road Marketing continues to scale their agency while delivering the most value to their local clients. Communicating transparently with monthly reports shows exactly what their clients get for the investment.

Anderson would advise other agencies to customize reports for each client to show them the relevant data and complexity they will understand. Also, use features like comment boxes to interpret the data and translate what the numbers mean. 

Finally, he recommends checking out the expansive list of integrations when looking for new tools or platforms for clients. Not only does this inspire potential new channels, but all of these options seamlessly connect to the existing reporting platform. 

In all, Anderson believes that one of the biggest contributors to their growth is the ability to prove that they do great work. Their clients appreciate the transparency and consistent communication, so they feel confident they are getting what they’re paying for. 

Wow your clients, and they talk. AgencyAnalytics helps us keep clients informed and happy, with minimal effort. This improves retention. I’ve also seen our reports get forwarded by our clients to other business owners to show the results we’re getting and the service we’re providing.
Lane Anderson, London Road Marketing
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