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A Customer Success Story with the Founder and CEO at DandeLions Digital, Linda Rooney

How DandeLions Digital saved 336 hours a year after implementing AgencyAnalytics

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Linda Rooney Dandelion Digital

IndustryDigital Media for Municipalities and Non-profits.
LocationPennsylvania, United States

The Client

DandeLions Digital provides very personal and comprehensive digital marketing services that center on their clients brand and messaging. They work closely with their client to ensure their content is timely, on point, and relevant to their audience, reinforcing this with monthly analytics for full-service clients.

The Challenge

DandeLions Digital offers monthly reporting, delivered around the time that they bill their clients. They send it in unison so the report backs up their work, and shows their progress.

Previously, they were using Traject Social until they dropped Mailchimp from their reporting, leaving DandeLions Digital in a tough spot since they were a Mailchimp partner. Their clients needed to know who was opening their newsletter, special announcements, and what people are clicking on. They were having to pull that separately from Mailchimp. DandeLions then switched to Sprout Social, but still found the reporting was not as deep as they had wanted.

The Solution

They were looking for a platform that could give them the insights and reporting that they needed. At the same time making it easier to pull the specific numbers their clients were looking for.

They knew they needed good reporting software and were comparing it to Sprout Social’s enhanced plan, trying to decide if it was better to upgrade their Sprout Social account to access additional reporting, or if to find a better reporting platform altogether, and use the money they would have spent upgrading their into investing in something with stronger reporting capabilities.

Finding the right solution was imperative to the client. Working for the type of clients they do, reporting has to be thorough and accurate because their budgets are often tax-payer dollars. Municipalities want to know what are people saying about them and what posts are people liking on social media.

The Result

Their clients have really positive feedback about their reports and are now receiving more data and analytics than they have ever seen.

Within the past 2 months, DandeLions Digital has been renewing contracts seamlessly, and now with full transparency into their performance, they have been able to bump and renew contracts at higher pricing, without any complaints.

Reporting has also provided the opportunity to upsell social reporting for an additional fee. Previously social reporting was included in their pricing, but now that they are able to offer something more robust, enabling them to grow their revenue per client.

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