Mark Lennon,
Managing Partner of Espresso B2B Marketing

How Espresso B2B Marketing set up reporting for new clients 2-3 hours faster than other solutions.
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Mark Lennon, Managing Partner of Espresso B2B Marketing

The Client

Founded in 2010, Espresso B2B Marketing is an agency that has roughly 80% of its clients in SaaS and consulting, and the remaining 20% are manufacturers and distributors. Prior to starting the agency, Mark and his cofounder had 10+ years of experience in enterprise sales. By combining this experience in enterprise sales with growth marketing, they've been able to differentiate themselves from the competition.

IndustryB2B Enterprise
LocationSan Francisco, California

The Challenge

In the early days of their agency, Espresso had manually built their reporting and analytics in-house. This involved going to dozens of data sources, taking screenshots, and building PowerPoint presentations. The founders then went looking for a better solution and tried a number of reporting and analytics platforms, although they kept finding limitations. Specifically, they hadn't found a reporting platform that could pull data from every source they were using. This limitation still left them with quite a bit of manual work each month to fill in the missing data.

The keyword ranking feature makes the platform really unique. With other tools, you often have to sign up for their most expensive plan to get access to SEO rankings. With this feature alone, we’re saving hundreds of dollars a month.
Mark Lennon, Espresso B2B Marketing

The Solution

After trying several other reporting platforms, the founders started a free trial at AgencyAnalytics and were immediately excited for several reasons. First, they were able to create a full client report within 15 minutes, which had previously taken them hours to do. They also found AgencyAnalytics unique in that it had both dashboards and reports, whereas many competitors just have one or the other. Finally, they found the drag-and-drop report wizard so quick and user-friendly that they were able to create a 15-page client report in a matter of minutes.

The reason that got us excited about AgencyAnalytics is that within 15 minutes of starting our free trial we were able to complete a full client report. AgencyAnalytics is unique in that it has both dashboards and reports, whereas a lot of other platforms just have one or the other. Also, the report wizard you have is amazing!
Mark Lennon, Espresso B2B Marketing

The Result

The main benefit that AgencyAnalytics provided the founders was giving them back their time. With the sensitive nature of their B2B clients, the founders didn't simply want to outsource their reporting and provide access to all of their client's data to freelancers or third parties. By their estimation, AgencyAnalytics allowed them to set up a new client's reporting 2-3 hours faster than other solutions. In addition, they were able to generate their monthly reports and automatically send them to clients in minutes. In total, the ease of use and automation of AgencyAnayltics have saved them at least $13K annually, ultimately freeing up more time for the founders to focus on their most high-value tasks.

The thing that got me excited about AgencyAnalytics compared to other solutions is that I could go through every report, and without struggling or having to talk to support, I was able to put it together myself. It was so much faster and easier to use than other platforms that we had to immediately switch to AgencyAnalytics.
Mark Lennon, Espresso B2B Marketing

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