Mike Knivett,
Managing Director of Artemis Marketing

Artemis Marketing turned to AgencyAnalytics for efficient, transparent client reporting, setting a new benchmark for local businesses in Sussex.
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Mike Knivett, Managing Director of Artemis Marketing
Using Agency Analytics has saved us valuable time, which we then spend on ensuring we are producing the best results for our clients.
Mike Knivett, Artemis Marketing

The Client

Founded 19 years ago by Mike Knivett, Artemis Marketing started with 5 employees and has now grown to a team of 27. 

With its roots in Sussex, the agency specializes in SEO and PPC, while offering a variety of in-house marketing services. Since 2004 the Artemis Marketing team has helped over 250 businesses substantially grow the revenue they generate from their websites. 

Targeting small, owner-managed businesses in Sussex and nearby areas, Artemis Marketing thrives on its agility and proactivity, qualities highly valued by its local clientele.

We are a forward-thinking, proactive Internet marketing company that communicates in plain simple English and is dedicated to achieving our clients’ goals.
Mike Knivett, Artemis Marketing

IndustryLocal SEO & PPC
LocationSussex, England

The Challenge

Growth might be the goal, but success comes with its own set of problems. For Artemis Marketing, two of these largest growth challenges were staff recruitment and squeezing more billable hours out of each day. 

The challenge of streamlining client reports became an important piece in Artemis Marketing's growth puzzle. Before AgencyAnalytics, their reporting process was inefficient, time-consuming, and costly. 

Because their team has been using AgencyAnalytics for twelve years, Knivett says “it’s difficult to remember” their old reporting processes other than the sheer volume of time they were spending manually compiling their clients’ marketing data. 

We want to be as efficient as possible for our clients. No one wants to waste time with inefficient reporting, and we want to optimize our time as effectively as possible to help our clients reach their business goals.
Mike Knivett, Artemis Marketing

The Solution

Artemis Marketing discovered AgencyAnalytics shortly after beginning their search for a reporting solution. They instantly recognized how well the platform catered to their needs by helping them accurately track SERP rankings and build links in a transparent manner, all consolidated in one place. 

AgencyAnalytics didn't just bring their team reporting efficiency; it also provided a platform that allowed them to monitor important metrics and communicate results to their clients. This tool didn't just solve a problem—it changed the way Artemis Marketing approached reporting.

AgencyAnalytics enables us to create an easy-to-understand, visual representation of how the client’s rankings have improved over time.
Mike Knivett, Artemis Marketing

The Result

The adoption of AgencyAnalytics has had multiple benefits for Artemis Marketing. The agency has saved an estimated 195 hours per month, leading to more professional reports, client satisfaction, and a remarkable client retention rate. The financial impact has been noteworthy too, allowing them to reclaim nearly £15,000 in billable hours each month. 

So, why not spend time on what truly matters–like Artemis Marketing does–and leave the tedious reporting tasks to a trusted platform? After all, your time is money, and we know you'd rather spend it creating results that make your clients happy.

We have used Agency Analytics for such a long time it’s difficult to remember how we reported before this! It was a much more time-consuming and less efficient process, that’s for sure!
Mike Knivett, Artemis Marketing

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