Nathan Harding, Founder & Managing Director at Yo Media

Nathan Harding and the Yo Media team use AgencyAnalytics to maintain transparency, reduce reporting time, and automatically collate data.
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Nathan Harding Founder Yo Media
AgencyAnalytics has allowed us to collate data, make strategic decisions, uncover trends, and have an instant overview of each portfolio’s health status. This makes everything so much easier for our agency and clients. I genuinely don’t know what we would do without this tool!
Nathan Harding, Yo Media

The Client

Yo Media is an Australia-based agency that started by chance in 2013. Founder Nathan Harding was working with a print client who wanted to build a solid online presence. Harding unexpectedly ranked their business #1 on Google, which resulted in significant revenue and an opportunity to create a viable business. 

Since then, this one-person agency has built a solid in-house team of 7 employees and a trusted bank of freelancers. Their roster has grown from 1 to 72 clients, many of whom arrived as the result of word-of-mouth referrals. 

Yo Media’s services include online lead generation, SEO, PPC, and social media marketing. Their B2B and B2C clients are located throughout Australia, specializing in industries like IT, law, and professional services.

We get a lot of client feedback about our responsiveness and transparency. It’s important for us to clarify what’s happening throughout campaigns. It’s also important to take ownership of our work and the outcomes, which clients appreciate. There are no secrets, ‘smoke and mirrors,’ or unnecessary jargon–we care about results, which is why we also offer a money-back guarantee.
Nathan Harding, Yo Media

IndustrySEO, PPC, & Social Media
LocationCremorne, Australia

The Challenge

Growing Yo Media meant taking a hard look at their agency processes. In the Australian market, Harding noticed that many businesses struggled with generating $2M+ in revenue primarily due to a lack of proper systems. So, it became a mission to challenge the norm and overcome these barriers. 

Needless to say, Yo Media’s previous process was unnecessarily long–it took well over an hour to produce a client report. It wasn’t the best use of time, especially when multiple deliverables were due.

This made finding the right reporting tool a top priority–one that enhanced efficiency, maximized billable time, and ensured sustainable growth. 

Before using AgencyAnalytics, our reporting process was much more basic. It was a painstaking process to compile data. We often had to pull metrics from various sources, create a cohesive report, and manually send it to clients. It became clear we needed a centralized location to house and analyze data.
Nathan Harding, Yo Media

The Solution

Yo Media began searching the market for a better solution. They tried at least ten different reporting platforms as part of their due diligence process. Even so, these tools didn’t meet expectations, often lacking the right mix of functionality, integration capabilities, and data visualization. 

After chatting with another agency owner, Harding learned about AgencyAnalytics and decided to give it a try. Since then, it’s become Yo Media’s go-to reporting solution for several reasons. For starters, AgencyAnalytics offers integrations with over 80 platforms, which meant that manual data compilation was no longer an issue. 

In the event of any challenges, Yo Media has access to a 24/5 customer support team. Plus, having a bird’s eye view of client data means they’re better equipped to analyze performance and make strategic recommendations. 

AgencyAnalytics helps us to have visible data in a unified structure, which makes things much easier for our agency and clients. We’ve also been highly impressed with the team at AgencyAnalytics–exceptional support from client-facing staff and a really responsive development team.
Nathan Harding, Yo Media

The Result

Since using AgencyAnalytics, Yo Media has recovered 60 billable hours per month, which has been reinvested into campaign execution and client communication. 

Instead of rummaging through multiple platforms and data points, Yo Media instantly sees client data in real-time dashboards. A report no longer takes an hour to produce–now, it’s been significantly cut down to ten minutes (at most). They’re better able to report on client wins, which reiterates their value proposition and what Yo Media brings to the table. 

Clients have also taken notice of this structured approach, providing feedback about the exceptional quality of their reporting and how easy it is for them to understand what they want to see. Additionally, clients love the ability to check in on campaign progress via login profiles, which takes transparency to another level. 

Streamlined reporting has enabled us to scale. It also provides our clients with the numbers they need without the need for manual collation. Using AgencyAnalytics has improved our operational systems and allows us to demonstrate the worth of our work. This platform seamlessly and reliably delivers data to clients, which is so valuable.
Nathan Harding, Yo Media

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