Raquel Baldelomar,
CEO of Quaintise

How Quaintise added consistency to their reporting and saved over $180k annually using AgencyAnalytics.
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Raquel Baldelomar, CEO of Quaintise
Before AgencyAnalytics, we were spending a lot of time manually generating reports—account executives had to manually gather data and there was a lot of user error. This also meant that every month there was no consistency in our client reporting. After finding AgencyAnalytics, not only did we save a significant amount in billable hours each month, but it also helped us maintain strong relationships and retain clients over the long run.
Raquel Baldelomar, Quaintise

The Client

Quaintise is a marketing and branding agency that specializes in the healthcare industry. They primarily focus on B2C marketing for their clients, which includes lead generation, advertising campaigns, and inbound marketing.

IndustryHealthcare Marketing
LocationLos Angeles, USA

The Challenge

Their Analytics & Reporting Process Was Fractured

As Quaintise grew their agency, they realized that their analytics and reporting process was fractured and involved manually collecting data from countless tools such as Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and many more. This manual process not only took away from their account executives billable hours, but also led to human error and an overall lack of consistency in their reporting.

Our biggest issue was that there was a lack of consistency in our client reporting. Having to create our own data visualization widgets for each client also made it extremely difficult to communicate insights to clients.
Raquel Baldelomar, Quaintise

The Solution

Consistency, Report Automation, and Insights

When Quaintise found AgencyAnalytics, they began by using our suite of SEO tools to track their client's organic rankings. As Raquel started to scale their agency, they needed a way to automate their reporting process and decided to bring their PPC, Social, and SEO analytics under one roof. This allowed their non-technical marketers to gain insights and intelligence from their data and added a whole new level of professionalism to their client reporting.

AgencyAnalytics allowed us to show more value to clients by clearly demonstrating a numerical value for our marketing efforts through KPIs like traffic, conversions, and revenue. This also helped our relationships with clients—communication became much easier with intuitive data visualization widgets, especially for non-technical clients.
Raquel Baldelomar, Quaintise

The Result

Annual Savings Of $180,000+

AgencyAnalytics is now a crucial part of Quaintise maintaining strong relationships and retaining clients over the long run. By automating their report generation process, this not only saved $15k+ per month for each client, but also enabled account executives to focus on improving their campaign results instead of manually analyzing data. One of the biggest benefits they've found is being able to consistently demonstrate the value of their services by clearly reporting on the ROI they're delivering to clients, ultimately leading to higher client retention.

We’ve been with AgencyAnalytics for 8+ years now and grown our agency alongside the platform. Whenever we need support, we always get a reply within 24 hours. Overall, AgencyAnalytics is an important tool for us to maintain strong relationships, clearly demonstrate our value, and retain clients over the long run.
Raquel Baldelomar, Quaintise

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