Ruben Roel,
President & Founder of Investigator Marketing

Investigator Marketing restructured their dedicated client reporting team to account executives to better serve their private investigator and security industry clients. They use AgencyAnalytics to gain valuable insights faster and communicate them to their clients.
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AgencyAnalytics has been a game changer for our company. We connected all of the different services we offered into one dashboard, which gave us complete oversight and eventually led us towards fewer contractors or dedicated personnel as well!
Ruben Roel, Investigator Marketing

The Client

Investigator Marketing helps private investigators grow their businesses. Their digital marketing agency was founded by Ruben Roel in 2013 and has since worked with 367 clients over the years. 

With their in-depth knowledge of the private security sector, they do everything from helping launch investigation businesses to marketing strategy consultations. They pride themselves on their unique differentiator in the market–specialists in the private investigation marketing niche. 

Roel says their clear understanding of their industry is one of their greatest strengths. It allows them to consistently outperform their competitors and achieve success for their clients. 

PI marketing is all we do. That’s our difference. As former owners of an investigation business, we understand what our clients need and develop marketing strategies and websites around that need.
Ruben Roel, Investigator Marketing

IndustryPrivate Investigators
LocationDallas, Texas

The Challenge

Because the team at Investigator Marketing is well-versed in the industry they serve, they spend less time researching their niche and more on finding better tools, resources, and platforms that assist their clients. 

It was important for Roel to maintain consistent communication with their clients, but it started becoming difficult as they took on more clients. They initially offered daily and weekly client meetings, and when that became too large of a commitment, they switched to monthly and eventually quarterly meetings. 

Their clients had gotten used to receiving in-depth reports. However, it was a very detailed process that took an average of five hours per client to create. 

In total, the Investigator Marketing team was spending roughly 350 hours a month preparing their client reports. It was a process that was not scalable at all.

We kept running out of time, and it felt like we were a reporting agency more than a marketing agency. Our second and third employees were hired specifically for reporting processes.
Ruben Roel, Investigator Marketing

The Solution

Roel chose AgencyAnalytics because of the customizable reporting options and easy-to-read format. He loves that his team can add notes to let clients know what a particular metric is, how it works, and what it means for their business. 

The time they save on client reporting helps them build better relationships, leading to improved client retention. They dedicate their time savings to looking at the effectiveness of their work and areas where they can improve their client’s ROI.

Clients hire you to produce results, not just to report on the progress. If you owned a home-building business, you wouldn’t use half of your staff to report on the progress, so why should marketing be any different?
Ruben Roel, Investigator Marketing

The Result

Roel transformed his entire agency by switching to AgencyAnalytics as their agency growth platform. They turned their reporting team into account executives and managers and structured the team to build and nurture client relationships. 

Aside from structural changes at their agency, their team also loves building marketing dashboards that their clients can access anytime. 

By connecting all of their client’s different marketing platforms into one centralized dashboard, the Investigator Marketing team gains new insights from an overview perspective. This means getting faster insights with every new client they take on. 

Now, their clients quickly find the information they’re looking for as well as understand what they’re looking at, how it works, and what it means for their bottom line.

As a whole, AgencyAnalytics has saved us time, allowed us to grow, and helped move our team away from constant reporting mode and into account executive and relationship-building mode.
Ruben Roel, Investigator Marketing

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