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Tobie Group improves efficiency, saves costs, and enhances client satisfaction with AgencyAnalytics' streamlined reporting process.
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Having a dashboard with real-time analytics makes us look a lot more put-together. It’s table stakes in many ways, even if many clients won’t admit it.
Ryan Burch, Tobie Group

The Client

Founded by Ryan Burch in 2019, Tobie Group has grown from a one-person operation to a thriving agency with nearly 20 employees. Located in Phoenix, Arizona, Tobie Group serves a mix of nonprofits and small businesses, focusing on providing tailored marketing solutions that drive results. Their commitment to understanding and addressing client needs has set them apart in a competitive market.

“Our clients trust us, and they refer us,” Ryan says. “That probably isn't super unique in the agency world, but it's something we're really proud of.”

Our client mix includes nonprofits here in Arizona, which allows us to make a real impact in our community.
Ryan Burch, Tobie Group

IndustryNonprofit, Medical, Industrial
LocationPhoenix, USA

The Challenge

Initially, Tobie Group struggled with time-consuming reporting processes. With limited resources, creating detailed client reports was a significant burden, eating into time that could be better spent on strategy and client interaction. For many marketing agencies, the ability to provide high-quality, insightful reports is critical, yet it often requires sifting through data from multiple sources, formatting the information, and combing for errors. 

Tobie Group wanted to spend more time on strategic initiatives—developing innovative campaigns, optimizing marketing efforts, and tailoring strategies to meet unique client needs. Maintaining regular and meaningful interactions with clients is key to fostering strong relationships and driving long-term success. 

Recognizing these challenges, Tobie Group sought a more efficient solution that would allow them to streamline their reporting process and reinvest their time into strategic and client-focused efforts.

Scaling is always difficult. Getting all the processes in place, from project management to SOPs, is really challenging. We do a lot of different types of work for our clients, and that customization is difficult to replicate.
Ryan Burch, Tobie Group

The Solution

AgencyAnalytics provided the perfect solution for Tobie Group's reporting woes. The platform's user-friendly interface and comprehensive features allowed them to automate data aggregation, significantly reducing the time spent creating reports. This efficiency gain translated into more time for strategic initiatives and client engagement.

With the time saved, Tobie Group could focus on developing creative strategies, analyzing campaign performance, and directly interacting with clients. This shift allowed them to invest more in understanding client needs and tailoring their services accordingly. The ability to present clients with real-time data through accessible dashboards also enhanced transparency and trust, improving client satisfaction.

Additionally, AgencyAnalytics' exceptional customer support was crucial in helping Tobie Group create detailed and visually appealing reports, ensuring the agency could make the most of the platform's features.

Customer support is the #1 best thing about AgencyAnalytics. I didn’t expect much from SaaS, but they are seriously incredible.
Ryan Burch, Tobie Group

The Result

Since adopting AgencyAnalytics, Tobie Group has streamlined the reporting process and has saved countless hours each month, resulting in significant cost savings. The agency now focuses on strategic tasks like campaign development, performance analysis, and client interactions.

Clients appreciate the professional, real-time dashboards provided by AgencyAnalytics, which offer clear insights into their marketing metrics. By delivering detailed and visually appealing reports, Tobie Group effectively communicates the value of its services, improving client satisfaction and retention.

AgencyAnalytics has been a game-changer for us. It’s easy to use and gives our small consultancy leverage to compete with bigger agencies. Most of all, I love AgencyAnalytics’ customer support. I know they have my back—with new integrations, tech issues, or even best practices for reporting.
Ryan Burch, Tobie Group

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