Sander Schilder,
Owner of B&S Media Internetmarketing

How B&S Media Internetmarketing saved 380+ hours and $7.9k each month by automating its most time-consuming tasks.
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Sander Schilder
We’ve been using AgencyAnalytics for many years now and it’s proven to be a dramatic time and cost-saver for us. It provides us with all the information we need to optimize, monitor, and report on our campaigns. The platform looks stunning and navigates smoothly, which makes it easy for us and our clients to interpret the results. With the real-time interface, white-labeled dashboards, and accurate rankings, we have all the tools we need to set us and our clients up for success.
Sander Schilder, B&S Media

The Client

B&S Media is a Netherlands-based digital marketing agency that specializes in Google Ads, SEO, and web design. With more than 25 employees, each with their own specialization, the agency has helped hundreds of small to medium-sized businesses grow by getting in front of their target customers online.

IndustryPPC, SEO, & Web Design

The Challenge

Automating Manual Tasks & SEO Tools

B&S Media needed a way to automate the tasks required to run an agency, but that weren't necessarily helping improve its clients’ results. This included monitoring campaigns, tracking keywords, and updating client reports. Since the agency also provides SEO services, the team also wanted an all-in-one solution that could meet their demands. B&S Media’s main requirements for an SEO tool was that it could show clients’ organic positions in a convenient way and have the functionality to quickly scan a site for areas of improvement.

As an agency, we work for a wide range of clients. Given the size of our portfolio, we noticed that a lot of our time went into monitoring results and manually updating reports, which was at the expense of time we could put into strategic planning.
Sander Schilder, B&S Media

The Solution

All-In-One Report Automation With A Full Suite of SEO Tools

When B&S Media found AgencyAnalytics, its team immediately knew they could save countless hours by automating their manual reporting tasks. After they started their free trial and discovered the full suite of SEO tools, they knew they’d found the perfect solution for their business.

We especially like it for its beautifully designed dashboards and extensive link building manager. In addition, the dashboards ensure that we can bundle information from multiple data sources, which provides a convenient overview for both customers and employees. We can now determine at a glance the results that have been achieved.
Sander Schilder, B&S Media

The Result

They've Set Their Clients Up for Success

Not only has B&S Media saved $7.9k each month by automating its most time-consuming tasks, but now the agency’s employees can spend more time focusing on improving their clients’ results. By their estimation, AgencyAnalytics has saved the agency 380+ hours each month that were previously spent on manual reporting tasks. This has ultimately led to happier customers, more testimonials, and has allowed the team to continue scaling their agency.

AgencyAnalytics has taken a lot of our most time-consuming tasks off our hands and has helped set ourselves and our clients up for success.
Sander Schilder, B&S Media

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