Vallene Kailburn, CPO & Co-Founder at OTM

OTM uses AgencyAnalytics to automate client reporting, gain back time for data analysis, and give clients full access to their campaign metrics.
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Vallene Kailburn, CPO & Co-Founder at OTM
AgencyAnalytics has made us a more efficient and strategic firm, and we would definitely recommend it as a core tool for a digital agency tech stack.
Vallene Kailburn, OTM

The Client

Founded in 2007, OTM is an award-winning creative agency with a flair for business. The agency’s team is made up of strategists, enthusiasts, and visionaries who are propelled each and every day by the idea of helping clients in a variety of business sectors grow. 

With headquarters in Fort Collins, Colorado, OTM’s team hails from around the entire United States and works with businesses that span the globe.

As Co-Founder and Chief People Officer, Vallene Kailburn leads OTM’s expert design team and oversees brand strategy. Vallene firmly believes in the power of collaboration and fosters a high-performing workplace culture that encourages teamwork, creativity, and innovation.

Where we’re at now (as a full-service agency) is that we work with CEOs and CMOs, and we become part of their team. We help solve their strategy with them and fill in the tactical gaps that they can’t do internally.
Vallene Kailburn, OTM

IndustryHousing, Automotive, Retail, Recreation, Professional Services
LocationFort Collins, USA

The Challenge

Between 2007 and 2017, OTM was a fairly small agency with roughly 20 or so clients and a team of less than 10. In 2018, they surpassed $1 million in revenue with a client list that had grown to more than 30 accounts. 

Their manual reporting process wasn't getting any faster or more efficient, and they would spend hours each month copying, pasting, and pulling screenshots into Google Docs to build their client reports.

We were spending more time aggregating data than we were analyzing it, and that was a problem. Not only were we spending valuable team time simply pulling data together each month, but we were taking time away from what we really wanted to do: Analyze data to drive results for our clients.
Vallene Kailburn, OTM

The Solution

By the time they made the shift to AgencyAnalytics in 2019, OTM was spending about 3 hours creating each report on average, resulting in around 105 hours every single month just on reporting. 

OTM picked AgencyAnalytics to automate their reporting process and give clients a transparent view of their campaign performance. With AgencyAnalytics’ white-labeled dashboards and 24/7 client access, OTM could scale their campaign reporting and save on hundreds of billable hours.

The agency’s ultimate goal was to obtain and share a more comprehensive look at the entire customer journey for their clients. They selected AgencyAnalytics because of its available integrations with other key marketing software, including CallRail and HubSpot, which enabled them to obtain precise data insights across the entire funnel.

AgencyAnalytics was the perfect solution for our agency as it integrates with almost every tool we use, and the pricing is flexible.
Vallene Kailburn, OTM

The Result

Because their client list tends to expand and retract periodically due to OTM’s no-contract approach, Vallene values the fact that the agency has the ability to add and remove campaigns as needed.

With AgencyAnalytics, they were able to get that down to around 1.5 hours per report (with almost all of that time dedicated to analysis), saving their team 52.5 hours each month. Before using AgencyAnalytics, at their billable rate, that 52.5 hours equated to $6,037.50 in lost revenue each month.

Since implementing AgencyAnalytics in 2019, OTM has saved more than 2,500 billable hours on client reporting alone. AgencyAnalytics had a tremendous impact on reducing costs, with savings amounting to a whopping $72,500 per year.

We’ve continued to make our process more and more automated over the years, freeing our team up to spend more time on analysis and strategy for our clients. Additionally, we’ve used the AgencyAnalytics dashboards to make self-serving possible for our clients who want to see their own data in real time.
Vallene Kailburn, OTM

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