Gravity Forms Reporting Dashboard

Easily track and report on your clients' custom Gravity Forms data with AgencyAnalytics. Display detailed form data alongside key metrics from more than 80 platforms. Pull all your clients' data under one roof for quick, comprehensive reporting.
Gravity Forms dashboard in AgencyAnalytics

Monitor Form Submissions

View your client’s active Gravity Forms and monitor submission numbers

Display Form Data

Track and review data submitted for each of your client's Gravity Forms

Build Custom Dashboards

Create insightful dashboards to display form data alongside related campaign metrics

Report Comprehensively

Keep clients up-to-date on form data collection and performance


Track & Report on Gravity Forms Submissions

Your agency uses Gravity Forms to collect key data from visitors to your client’s WordPress site, whether the forms are for lead generation, payment collection, surveys, contests, or otherwise. Pull the form data into AgencyAnalytics to display alongside all your other important metrics for greater context.

Track and report on your clients' Gravity Forms submissions.

Clearly Display Your Active Forms

Keep track of all the forms on your client’s WordPress site. Display them in a list view, and compare submission numbers across forms. Dive into the data for each form to review and report on key submission information.

Clearly display your clients' active Gravity Forms.

The simplicity of setup and white labeling of this product is bar none the best thing I have seen for client reporting. We use it for three of our companies.

Dave Conklin
Dave Conklin


Connect the Gravity Forms integration in seconds to streamline your form reporting.


Simple Gravity Forms Reporting Automation

Streamline your Gravity Forms reporting process with AgencyAnalytics. Effortlessly incorporate your clients’ form data into your reports as-is, or enhance it by adding relevant campaign metrics. Ensure your clients stay informed with clear and predictable scheduled reports—be it daily, weekly, monthly, or at other intervals.

An example of the AgencyAnalytics report scheduling feature for automated marketing reports

Display Data From More Than 80 Tools

Showcase how your client’s Gravity Forms submission data plays a crucial role in supporting their overall performance. Integrate over 80 marketing channels into your AgencyAnalytics account for a comprehensive perspective of your client’s campaigns. Save billable hours each month by minimizing the need to switch between different platforms to complete your client reporting.

An example of the available marketing platform integrations AgencyAnalytics offers to connect your clients' marketing data

Create Stunning Branded Reports

A strong brand image speaks volumes. Equip your agency with custom marketing dashboards and reports, each meticulously branded for maximum impact. Use a variety of white labeling options to make a lasting impression on your clients, ensuring they stay fully informed about their marketing performance across all data channels.

An example of custom white label settings in AgencyAnalytics

Manage Your Team & Your Clients

Streamline your reporting and your agency workflows with a single tool that helps you manage it all. Easily monitor campaigns, communicate with clients, and control staff and user access. It's an effective way to scale your agency's data permissions and workflow management.

An agency management tool to save you time and streamline your business.

Flexible Pricing To Meet Your Needs

AgencyAnalytics is more than just a tool; it's a partner in your agency’s growth journey. Enjoy transparent, budget-friendly pricing with usage-based rates beginning at only $12 per client. Say goodbye to hidden fees and reporting limits, and embrace the vast potential of over 80 software integrations. Enhance your experience with packages that offer unlimited users and customized dashboards—the perfect finishing touch to your agency's toolkit.

Cost-effective, usage-based rates that scale with your agency's growth.

Discover a Better, Faster Client Reporting Platform

The best thing I’ve found with AgencyAnalytics is the support. It’s fantastic! I just ask a question, and they implement new features. Reach out to support and ask them to help you set things up because they really know how all the integrations work, and will provide suggestions to help you better access your data and enhance your customer reports.

Ellie Shedden
Ellie Shedden

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