HighLevel Reporting Dashboard

Transform your clients' lead pipeline data into a vivid, actionable landscape by seamlessly integrating their HighLevel data into AgencyAnalytics. Elevate your marketing reporting and strategy with a dashboard and reporting platform that puts indispensable insights at your fingertips.

HighLevel integration for AgencyAnalytics

Track Opportunities

Nurture and report on your clients’ leads as they progress through the sales funnel

Display Lead Value

Monitor the value of your clients’ leads at each stage of the customer journey

Report on Contact Status

Showcase contact growth and segmentation, along with important contact details

Manage Conversations

Track when and how conversions are taking place with your clients’ leads, and display key details


Automated HighLevel Tracking & Reporting

Automatically track and report on your clients’ leads through important stages of the customer journey. With the HighLevel integration, leverage customizable marketing dashboards and client reports to organize opportunities, maintain and segment contacts, and keep tabs on important conversations in real time. Give your clients a clear view into how your agency’s marketing efforts are driving their lead performance.

Track HighLevel opportunities, contacts, conversations, and more
Metrics Explorer

Explore All Available HighLevel Metrics

Add any of these CRM metrics from HighLevel to your client reports and marketing dashboards with ease
    • Abandoned
    • Amount Abandoned
    • Amount Lost
    • Amount Open
    • Amount Won
    • Contacts
    • Conversations
    • Date
    • Lost
    • Open
    • Opportunities
    • Total Monetary Value
    • Won

    HighLevel Metrics Simplified

    Make the data not just accessible, but easy to comprehend. Transform your clients’ HighLevel data—along with data from all their other key marketing platforms—into clear, visually engaging metrics. Interactive charts and graphs make the data simple to analyze, helping your clients quickly identify trends and recognize the growth being driven by your agency.

    Track and display HighLevel metrics clearly and concisely.

    Prove You’re Hitting Clients’ Marketing KPIs

    The HighLevel reporting tool clearly demonstrates ROI for your clients by prominently displaying their contact growth along with the volume and value of leads your agency is driving through key stages of the marketing and sales process. Add additional transparency and show clients exactly how they’re progressing towards their targets by applying goals to any HighLevel metric.

    Create and set goals and hit your clients' HighLevel KPIs

    Keep Up The Conversation Momentum

    Answering important questions and providing clear information when it matters moves leads forward in the customer journey. Keep tabs on all the conversations happening with your clients’ contacts, including when they happened, how they happened, and what was said. Easily filter and display conversations and key contact details by tags to drive next steps or to support clear, organized client reporting.

    Monitor and manage your clients' HighLevel conversations

    By consolidating all of our tools into dashboards, we have saved so much time and money—it’s truly been invaluable. As an agency owner, I don’t know of a better platform than AgencyAnalytics.

    Jason Hylan
    Jason Hylan

    Connect the HighLevel integration in seconds to streamline your client reporting.


    Pricing That Flexibly Meets Your Needs

    AgencyAnalytics is more than just a platform, it's your partner on the path to expansion with usage-based pricing that makes growing your agency as affordable as $12 per client campaign. No trick fees, no report ceilings—the sky's the limit with our 75+ platform integrations. And the cherry on top? Enjoy the freedom of unlimited users and custom dashboards on select plans.

    Flexible pricing to suit any agency's budget

    Your Complete Agency Management Tool

    Take the reins of your agency's management with our tailored visibility controls. Delegate tasks to team members with precision and foster client transparency by providing access to their live marketing data round-the-clock through dedicated logins and custom permissions. When everyone's in sync, it frees up valuable time previously spent on prolonged dialogues. Now, you can channel that energy into cultivating your marketing creativity instead.

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    All Your Client Data Under One Roof

    HighLevel is just a slice of your clients' multifaceted marketing tech stacks. Combine data from over 75 channels using AgencyAnalytics' robust reporting platform to gain a full perspective on their performance. Use the intuitive drag-and-drop editor to craft customized dashboard views that'll delight your clients. Reclaim countless hours across all clients by minimizing toggling between platforms, granting you more time for what truly matters—enhancing your clients' success.

    A sample of third-party integrations that are on the AgencyAnalytics client reporting software

    Provide Clients With a Tailored White-Label Dashboard

    Transform the way you present your client reports by tailoring your dashboards to reflect your agency's unique brand. Infuse your logo, adapt your color palette, and even host the platform on your own domain. The comprehensive white labeling suite arms you with all the tools you need to customize the platform. Make it not just a tool, but an extension of your brand's identity.

    An example of white label tools available in AgencyAnalytics

    Discover a Better, Faster Client Reporting Platform

    Creating, generating, and sharing reports has never been easier, and our clients love the fact they can follow our activity and their stats in real time. Everything is simplified, accessible, and beautifully presented.

    Claire Aldridge
    Claire Aldridge / Digital Marketing Specialist
    Victory Digital

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