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Experience seamless client reporting and campaign optimization with the customizable HighLevel Dashboard. Automatically extract and visualize data from the Go HighLevel platform and deliver comprehensive insights, building transparency and trust. Effortlessly stay on top of performance metrics, showcase performance, and make informed decisions.
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What is a HighLevel Dashboard?

A white label HighLevel Dashboard is a customizable tool that provides a centralized location for tracking and reporting on essential performance KPIs from the Go HighLevel platform. 

This automated tool makes it easy for marketing agencies to monitor performance targets, ensuring that campaigns stay on track. By consolidating key metrics from HighLevel with over 80 other available marketing platforms integrations into a single view, these comprehensive marketing dashboards make it easy to analyze data and optimize campaign strategies. 

Save valuable time and focus on improving client outcomes and achieving marketing goals.

Why Your Agency Needs HighLevel Marketing Dashboards

Your agency isn’t a generic, one-size-fits-all business–so why settle for standard client reports? Craft impactful dashboards that translate complex data into actionable insights–customized for your clients. 

Streamline your data workflows and reclaim billable hours. A HighLevel dashboard goes beyond the ordinary and unifies data from all your client’s marketing channels into one centralized hub, giving you a live, holistic view of campaign performance. Make data-driven adjustments in an instant, consistently exceeding client expectations and crushing performance targets.

Ready to show off your contribution to client business growth? Deliver clear, concise reports that even the most data-averse client can understand. An intuitive drag-and-drop interface makes it easy to transform complex data points into a compelling narrative. 

Strengthen your agency’s professional image and leave a lasting impression with customizable, white-label branding that showcases your success. Unlock the power of data-driven marketing that gets results–and keeps clients coming back for more.

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4 Key Sections To Include in a HighLevel Dashboard

1. Opportunities

HighLevel opportunity metrics offer a detailed view of client opportunities, including total opportunities, opportunities by stage, status, and pipeline, as well as won, lost, and abandoned opportunities. These metrics also track the monetary values associated with each opportunity, providing a comprehensive overview of client performance.

Highlevel Opportunities widget examples

Incorporate opportunity metrics into a HighLevel analytics dashboard to showcase the value the agency provides and access clear insights that make it easier to optimize campaigns based on live data. 

2. Contacts

HighLevel contact metrics provide a detailed overview of total contacts, contacts by tag, and contact details. This comprehensive data helps agencies keep track of client interactions and segment audiences.

Highlevel Dashboard Template Contacts Example

With detailed contact insights at their fingertips, agencies take a data-driven approach to ensuring improved campaign performance, reinforcing the agency's expertise and commitment to delivering exceptional results.

3. Conversations

HighLevel conversation metrics track total conversations, categorize them by message type, and provide detailed message insights. These metrics provide a comprehensive view of client interactions and help agencies understand communication patterns.



Highlevel Dashboard Template Conversations Example

This data-driven approach helps agencies optimize contact engagement, boost sales, and build a strong community around the brand.

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4. Goal Tracking 

Forget static reports. Integrate seamless goal tracking and transform your reporting dashboard into a dynamic command center. See client progress in real-time, making it easy to demonstrate the impact of your campaigns in a single glance. 

Highlevel Dashboard Template integrated campaign goal tracking

Tracking KPI goals clearly demonstrates success when they are properly aligned with client objectives. Here are a few best practices for creating relevant KPI goals:

  • Align With Client Objectives: Ensure KPIs directly support the client’s strategic goals.

  • Use Clear Metrics: Choose specific, quantifiable metrics that reflect performance accurately.

  • Regularly Review and Adjust: Continuously monitor and adjust KPIs to stay aligned with evolving goals and insights.

Customizable Dashboards To Meet Client Needs

Need to showcase a unique client metric? No sweat. Our easy-to-use platform seamlessly integrates with 80+ external data sources, making it easy to craft unique and comprehensive dashboards. 

This flexibility ensures that every client has a holistic view of their performance, with the specific metrics that matter most front and center. It's reporting that adapts to your agency, not the other way around.

Highlevel Dashboard Template Customizable Sales Report

No need to jump from platform to platform or create multiple dashboards in different applications. With 11-Second Smart Dashboards, agencies effortlessly create and save custom dashboards, ensuring that all relevant high-level metrics from every platform are easily accessible in one place. 

Use the intuitive drag-and-drop editor to create bespoke marketing dashboards that become an extension of your agency’s services. 

Streamline Reporting and Hit Performance Targets

Using HighLevel dashboards simplifies client reporting and campaign analysis, giving agencies time to focus on what truly matters–crafting winning campaigns and building client trust. 

These customizable dashboards provide a clear, real-time view of campaign performance in a fraction of the time normally spent on manual client reporting. 

Highlevel Dashboard Template build custom client dashboards your own way

Want to generate reports that showcase how many tasks your team crushes, leads generated, and campaign performance across every category?  Ditch the spreadsheets and build custom reports in minutes.

Adapt to client needs faster and stay ahead of the curve.  Automated reporting frees your team to focus on strategy and creativity, not data entry. Scalable to handle growth, AgencyAnalytics helps you serve more clients without sacrificing quality.  

With AgencyAnalytics, exceptional results are just a few clicks away.

By consolidating all of our tools into dashboards, we have saved so much time and money—it’s truly been invaluable.

Jason Hylan
Jason Hylan

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Custom HighLevel Dashboards as Unique as Your Agency

Seamless Data Integration

Centralize Data From 80+ Marketing Platforms

Integrate data from HighLevel reporting with over 80 other marketing platforms, all in one centralized location. 

Simplify tracking and analysis, giving your agency a comprehensive view of performance metrics. Consolidate data to easily identify trends, make informed decisions, and focus on generating winning campaigns.

A sample of third-party integrations that are on the AgencyAnalytics client reporting software
Elevate Your Agency’s Brand

White-Label Client Dashboards for a Professional Edge

White-label dashboards put your agency’s brand front and center.  

Deliver customizable insights that resonate with each client, showcasing the value you deliver–all while keeping your brand in the spotlight.

Add Your Own Branding To Your Customizable SEO Reporting Software
Uncover Deep Insights

Custom Metrics for In-Depth Analysis & Client Reporting

Custom metrics unlock deeper insights by blending data from 80+ integrations. 

Track campaign performance with laser focus and understand your clients on a whole new level. Deliver actionable data that empowers clients to make smarter decisions.

Highlevel Dashboard Template Custom Metrics
Unified Oversight

Custom Dashboards for Multi-Client Management

Unify data from multiple clients, giving you a clear view of campaign performance.  

Monitor, compare, and optimize effortlessly, freeing your team to focus on delivering impactful strategies.

Create custom dashboards at the account level and include data from more than one client campaign.
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Round-the-clock support prioritizes your users’ needs with live chat available 24/5 and response times under three minutes. 

With dedicated support, agencies maintain their focus on generating impactful results, knowing that expert help is just a quick message away. You care about your client’s success. We care about yours.

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Give Your Agency Time To Grow

Report Smarter. Not Harder.

Save time every month by automatically including the most critical HighLevel data along with marketing metrics from over 80 other data sources in one platform.

Pull in key metrics from Google Analytics, Facebook, Google Ads, and more to give clients a complete picture of their marketing performance.

Customize each HighLevel dashboard and quickly clone them to speed up client onboarding and help your agency scale. Use the time saved on client reporting and data visualization to grow your agency.

Smarter Client Reporting Platform

AgencyAnalytics, and its ability to culminate data from different platforms and software, is a must-have for all agencies. It makes reporting and communication seamless and ensures transparency. AgencyAnalytics is a major part of how we promote and differentiate ourselves.

Gabriela Paiva
Gabriela Paiva / Marketing Manager

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