Spotify Ads Reporting

Connect your client's Spotify Ads account and conveniently visualize the data along with metrics from all your client's other marketing channels.
spotify ads marketing dashboard

Simplified Reporting

Turn Spotify Ads marketing data into intuitive dashboards & reports

Optimize Campaigns with Real-Time Metrics

Easily monitor ad performance to improve upon your ad creative and targeting

Highlight Results

Showcase how your Spotify Ads are delivering results including impressions, clicks, CTR, and conversions

Monitor Campaign Performance

See how your Spotify Ads and Campaigns are targeting listeners, average streams and more


Automated Spotify Ads Dashboards & Reports

The Spotify Ads integration automatically pulls your clients’ key Spotify Ads analytics into live marketing dashboards that can quickly be turned into white-labeled reports. Simply connect a client’s Spotify Ads account so that their real-time data aggregates into AgencyAnalytics’ powerful reporting platform.

spotify ads marketing dashboard showing ad sets
Metrics Explorer

Explore All Available Spotify Ads Metrics

See all the metrics you can easily add to your client reports and marketing dashboards
    • Clicks
    • Completes
    • Completion Rate
    • Conversion Rate
    • CPC
    • Cpcl
    • CPM
    • CTR
    • Date
    • External Impressions
    • Fetch Reach
    • Fetches
    • First Quarters
    • Impressions
    • Intent Rate
    • Listeners
    • Midpoints
    • New Listener Conversion Rate
    • New Listeners
    • Paid Listener Freq
    • Paid Listener Reach
    • Paid Listens
    • Serve Freq
    • Serve Reach
    • Serves
    • Skip Rate
    • Skips
    • Spend
    • Starts
    • Streams Per Listener
    • Streams Per New Listener
    • Third Quarters
    • Video Completion Rate

    Intuitive Spotify Ads Dashboards

    View Spotify Ads campaign metrics straight from your AgencyAnalytics account for granular insights on campaign metrics, engagement metrics, video metrics, and conversion metrics. The intuitive Spotify Ads dashboard provides clarity on your clients’ audio and video campaigns to show how your marketing agency is reaching more listeners and viewers–and how they’re converting.

    spotify ads marketing dashboard campaign metrics

    Showcase Your Agency’s Audio & Video Ads Results

    Get a crystal clear view of how your clients’ Spotify Ads are delivering results at any time. Highlight the metrics your clients want to see in visual client reports. Set up your client reports in a few clicks and spend more time strategizing and creating impactful ads.

    spotify ads clicks and spend graphs

    Improved Spotify Ad Targeting

    Get all the data you need to make informed decisions on your Spotify Ads campaigns. Monitor performance metrics such as impressions, clickthrough rates, average streams, devices, and more to optimize your ads. Track how each ad is performing to continually improve your marketing strategy and reach your clients’ goals.

    spotify ads metrics

    Dig Deep Into Conversion Metrics

    The Spotify Ads Dashboard integration makes it easy to show in-depth conversion metrics such as cost per conversion, revenue, profit, and unique conversions. Showcase how your agency generates better leads, improving conversions to sales, and driving higher returns on your clients’ marketing investment.

    spotify ads conversion metrics graphs

    All Your Clients’ Marketing Metrics Under One Roof

    Don’t waste time logging in and out of various platforms. Combine Shopify Ads metrics with over 80 different marketing channels including Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, and StackAdapt programmatic marketing to show your clients the complete picture of their marketing performance.

    spotify ads reporting alongside other integrations

    Streamline Your Agency’s Workflows

    Manage your entire agency from one unified platform by giving dedicated and customized access to staff and clients. Share a login with your clients to view their client-facing Spotify Ads dashboards to eliminate the back and forth emails. Ensure everyone is on the same page and use your billable hours on executing marketing strategies instead of gathering and explaining the data.

    spotify ads client management platform

    Custom White Labeled Spotify Ads Reporting

    Create customized Spotify Ads reports that reflect your success and your brand. Drag and drop key metrics to present intuitive, white labeled reports and dashboards with your agency's logo and brand colors. Your clients will think made reports in-house–which technically, you did.

    Custom White Labeled Spotify Ads Reporting

    Connect the Spotify Ads integration in seconds to streamline your client reporting.

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