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Ecommerce Reporting Software

Robust Ecommerce Reporting Software to showcase your marketing return on investment.
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Attribute ROI

Easily attribute money to your marketing efforts

Track Demographics

Analyze demographics for purchase behavior data

Automated Reports

Schedule reports to deliver daily, weekly, or monthly

All-In-One Data

Display sales numbers right beside marketing efforts

Transparent Ecommerce Marketing Data

No more trying to track your clients' marketing spend and ROI across multiple sources. Bring all your marketing data into one dashboard and display the eCommerce metrics that matter, side by side.

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Integrate with Ecommerce Platforms

Connect eCommerce platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, or BigCommerce and combine that data with the likes of 80+ marketing integrations that your clients use. Get a clear and transparent picture of how their eCommerce stores are performing.

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Fully Customizable Ecommerce Dashboards

Only display the metrics and KPIs that matter to your clients. Customize your clients' dashboard to suit their needs with highly intuitive data visualization widgets.

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Automated Ecommerce Reports

Automate your clients' eCommerce reporting

to deliver to them on a schedule that suits them. Schedule reports on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis—delivered straight to their inbox. Better yet, give them a unique client login so they can access their data 24/7.

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Beautiful, White Label Ecommerce Reports

Fully white-labeled reports

with your own logo and custom colors, and erase any mention of AgencyAnalytics. Upload your logo, choose your color scheme, and access it from your own custom domain. We give you every setting that you need to call it your own.

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Add Annotations and Goals

Track changes easily by directly adding annotations and goals to your graphs, and personalize them with emojis for increased interactivity. This feature opens a whole new world to your reporting, giving you the ability to highlight important information directly within your charts.

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