An Agency Guide to Managing Yext Listings


Managing Yext listings involves optimizing a business's online presence across various directories, review sites, social networks, and search engines. Yext, a cloud-based platform, ensures that any updates to a business's information, like changes in hours or address, are consistently reflected across all connected platforms. This process streamlines local business data management, improving SEO and increasing client visibility.

Welcome to the world of online directory management, powered by the robust Yext listings tool. Yext is the ultimate helper for ensuring your client's business listings are consistently updated and accurate across multiple directories and review sites.

The star of this digital show is known as Powerlistings. This feature is the primary navigator guiding Yext, helping it do the magic of managing your client's business listings effectively and effortlessly.

However, as with any tool, Yext's effectiveness heavily depends on its user. To fully harness its potential, it's important to understand it thoroughly.

In this blog post, we're taking a deep dive into how to use Yext and Powerlistings. We'll outline the route to successful management of Yext listings, demonstrating how to craft an effective client strategy. 

So, let's delve into the world of Yext, where listings are streamlined and client management is simplified. 

The Importance of Managing Business Listings

In the digital landscape, business listings are like the billboards of yesteryears. They are crucial for the visibility and credibility of any business, making them indispensable for the clients you manage. When the information in a business listing is accurate and consistent, it boosts the business's trustworthiness and enhances the client's reputation.

Online business listings often serve as a potential customer's first point of contact. A well-managed listing that presents vital information—like the business's name, address, phone number, and operating hours—guides customers and increases footfall or web traffic.

A lesser-known fact is that these listings also impact search engine optimization (SEO). Search engines like Google value accuracy and consistency. Finding consistent business information across various directories strengthens the business's local SEO, improving its ranking on search result pages. This means more visibility and, ultimately, more potential customers for your clients.

It's important to note that managing business listings isn't a one-time task. With businesses continually evolving—be it changing operating hours, adding new services, or shifting locations—their online listings need to mirror these changes. 

Outdated information can lead to missed opportunities and frustrated customers, a double whammy no client wants.

Hence, managing business listings is not just about visibility or SEO; it's about maintaining a positive customer experience, increasing customer engagement, and directly influencing the bottom line of your client's business. It's a task that demands diligence, accuracy, and consistency. The better the listings are managed, the brighter the businesses shine in the digital universe.

Understanding How Yext Helps Businesses

Yext is a powerhouse that comes to the rescue when managing business listings across various directories and review sites. Let's dive into what Yext is, how it functions, and the benefits it brings to the table.

What Is Yext, Exactly?

Yext is a cloud-based platform designed to manage and optimize a business's presence across online directories, review sites, social networks, and search engines. Think of it as a central command center where you update, monitor, and manage information about your client's business on multiple platforms.

How Does Yext Work?

Yext operates on a simple principle: update once, reflect everywhere. When you change a business listing using Yext, such as altering business hours, updating an address, or adding a service, the platform disperses this information across all connected directories and review sites. 

This reduces the risk of outdated or inconsistent information appearing in different places.

Moreover, Yext's Powerlistings feature takes the reins to ensure the information is updated and optimized for better visibility. It identifies and corrects inconsistencies, verifies and approves changes, and monitors the listing's performance across various platforms.

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The Benefits of Using Yext to Manage Business Listings

Yext brings several benefits when managing your clients' business listings.

  • Consistency: Yext maintains the same business information across multiple platforms, building trust with search engines and potential customers.

  • Time Efficiency: The ability to update information across various platforms from a single dashboard saves significant time and effort.

  • Better Local SEO: With consistent and accurate information, your clients' listings perform better in local search results, improving their digital footprint.

  • Performance Tracking: Yext provides analytics about your clients' listings performance, helping you make data-driven decisions and strategies.

  • Increased Customer Engagement: With accurate and timely information, customers are more likely to engage with your clients' businesses.

In summary, Yext streamlines business listing management, making it simpler, faster, and more effective. Whether you're managing one client or twenty, understanding and leveraging Yext can help you make the most of online business listings.

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A Deep Dive into Yext Powerlistings

Every superhero needs their superpower, and for Yext, that's Powerlistings. This feature adds an extra layer of proficiency to the Yext platform. It helps manage business listings and ensures that they are optimally placed for maximum visibility. Let's delve deeper into this powerful aspect of Yext.

How Yext Powerlistings Work

Powerlistings is an advanced feature of Yext that directly interfaces with multiple online directories, review sites, social networks, and search engines. The magic happens when you update your client's business information within the Yext platform.

As soon as a change is made, Powerlistings swings into action, simultaneously broadcasting the updates across all connected platforms, ensuring consistent, real-time information about the business everywhere. And who doesn’t love real-time information? 

But the service doesn't stop there. Powerlistings also automatically detects and corrects any inconsistencies in the listings, verifies the information, and monitors the performance of the listing across all sites. It's like having an ever-vigilant watchman for your client's digital presence.

How Powerlistings Streamlines Managing Business Listings

Managing numerous listings across various platforms could feel like juggling too many balls, but Powerlistings turns this complex task into a walk in the park.

The result is a more streamlined, efficient, and effective approach to managing business listings, ensuring the businesses you manage are well-represented and easily discoverable across all digital platforms. Powerlistings embodies Yext's commitment to saving time, reducing effort, and maximizing the impact of online business listings. Kind of like what AgencyAnalytics does with its client reporting software

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The Nuts and Bolts of Yext

To become a Yext power user, it's essential to understand its workings and functionalities. Let's dive into the nuts and bolts of Yext, starting with setting up a client account and navigating the dashboard, then moving to managing listings and ensuring accuracy.

Setting Up a Yext Account for a Client

Getting started with Yext is as simple as it gets. To set up an account for a client, visit the Yext website and sign up with your client's business information. 

Yext Add User Screenshot

The process includes entering essential details like business name, location, contact information, and business category.

Once the account is set up, you can add the business's online directories and review sites to Yext. The platform then scans these sites to get an initial understanding of the business's current online presence.

If you are setting up multiple client accounts at the same time, use the “Add Users in Bulk” function to streamline this process. 

Understanding the Yext Dashboard

The Yext dashboard is your command center. Here, you'll find an overview of your client's listings, any inconsistencies detected, and the listings' performance across various sites.

Yext Native Dashboard Screenshot

You'll also see tabs on the dashboard for different sections like Listings, Reviews, and Analytics. These tabs allow you to manage listings, respond to reviews, and analyze the performance of the listings, respectively.

How to Add a Business Listing in Yext

Adding a business listing in Yext is straightforward. Under the Listings tab, you'll find an option to 'Add Listing.' Clicking on it will prompt you to enter the business information. Remember, accuracy is crucial here.

Once the information is entered, Yext will populate this data to all the connected directories and review sites. Yes, it's that simple!

Managing and Updating Listings on Yext

Under the same Listings tab, you can manage and update your client's listings. 

Yext Listing Management Screenshot

Whether you want to change the business hours or update the service list, it can be done with a few clicks. And thanks to Powerlistings, any changes are instantly reflected on all connected sites.

Ensuring Accuracy and Consistency in Listings

Yext continuously scans all connected sites for any inconsistencies in the listings. If it finds any discrepancies, it automatically corrects them. However, as a best practice, it's wise to periodically review the listings manually for absolute accuracy.

In summary, Yext simplifies managing your client's digital presence. With its intuitive interface, real-time updates, and vigilant monitoring, Yext ensures your clients' business listings are accurate, consistent, and optimized for maximum visibility. The nuts and bolts of Yext work together, providing an easy and efficient way to manage online business listings.

Just when you thought Yext couldn't get any better, it presents you with impressive features. Each tool adds an extra layer of functionality to Yext, making it an even more comprehensive solution for managing your clients' business listings. Let's get to know these stars of the show.

Yext Chat

Conversations are the lifeblood of businesses. Enter Yext Chat—an interactive tool that facilitates real-time conversations between businesses and their potential customers. It's more than just a chatbot; it's a lead generator that keeps the conversations going even when the business is closed.

Yext Search transforms your client's website into a search engine, allowing potential customers to quickly find what they're looking for. Whether they search for a product, a service, or an office location, Yext Search fetches the results in a snap, offering a seamless user experience.

Listing Scan Tool

The Listing Scan Tool is like a health check-up for your client's business listings. It scans all connected sites and platforms, identifies inaccuracies or inconsistencies, and corrects them. It's like a dedicated doctor for your client's digital health.

Call Tracking

Yext Call Tracking is an insight-driven feature that tracks the phone calls generated from your clients' business listings. 

Yext Call Tracking Metrics Example

By keeping count of these calls, it measures the engagement level of customers who find your client's contact information online. It's like having a secret counter that ticks every time a potential customer dials in.

Driving Directions

What good is a business if its customers can't locate it? Yext's Driving Directions feature makes sure that never happens.

Yext Driving Directions Metrics Example

It counts how often people use the 'Directions' feature in your clients' business listings. This handy feature guides the customers straight to your client's doorstep, ensuring they never lose their way.

Yext Website Clicks

Website Clicks in Yext are a measure of curiosity–the number of times users click on your client's website link in their business listings. 

Yext Website Clicks Metrics Example

More clicks mean more interest, leading to higher engagement and potential conversions. With Yext tracking these clicks, you have a clear picture of how enticing the business listing is to digital onlookers.

A few other Yext features also deserve an honorable mention:

  • Duplicate Suppression: This feature finds and suppresses duplicate listings, ensuring only one accurate and consistent listing for your client's business.

  • Social Media Integration: Yext integrates with social media platforms, allowing businesses to manage their social media presence alongside their business listings.

  • Analytics: Yext provides comprehensive analytics about listing performance, customer engagement, and more. It's like having a crystal ball that reveals the story behind the numbers.

These features are not just the icing on the cake; they are like a whole other delicious layer. When harnessed correctly, they can amplify the effectiveness of Yext, providing an enhanced experience for businesses and their customers. It's about doing more with less and doing it effectively and efficiently. Yext makes it possible.

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Leveraging Yext for SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) boosts visibility, and Yext is a proven tool that supercharges this process. While Yext primarily manages business listings, its implications for SEO are profound.

The SEO Implications of Accurate Listings

Let's start with the basics. Search engines prioritize accuracy and consistency. Every time Yext corrects one of your client's business information across platforms, it sends positive signals to search engines. It's a bit like getting a gold star from a teacher–each gold star (accurate listing) improves your client's reputation and standing in the eyes of search engines.

Yext and Local SEO

Yext shines exceptionally in the area of local SEO. Local SEO is about making your clients visible to customers in their vicinity. When people search for products or services 'near me,' you want your clients to be the first ones to show up, right?

Yext makes this possible by ensuring that all local business listings are accurate and consistent. So, when someone searches in your client's area, their accurate business information is readily available, increasing their chances of appearing in local search results.

Powerlistings and SEO

Yext's Powerlistings feature is an SEO powerhouse. It takes your client's listings and optimizes them for better visibility. By maintaining consistency and accuracy across multiple platforms, Powerlistings strengthens your client's SEO, ensuring their business is easily discoverable by potential customers.

Reviews, Ratings, and SEO

Customer reviews and ratings significantly impact SEO. Yext makes managing and responding to reviews across various platforms easy, a crucial factor in SEO ranking. A business that actively manages and responds to its reviews appears more credible and customer-centric, boosting its SEO performance.

Leveraging Yext for SEO is like equipping your clients with a high-powered, precision-guided digital visibility rocket. It ensures your clients are present online, visible, and easily discoverable by potential customers. So, whether it's global or local SEO, Yext has got it covered.

Important Yext Metrics to Track

While Yext diligently takes care of your clients' business listings, keeping a close eye on various metrics is essential. These numbers tell the story of how your clients' listings perform, the customer engagement level, and more. Here's the rundown of critical Yext metrics to track:

Review Analytics

The power of customer reviews is undeniable. Review analytics provide insights into customer sentiment, engagement, and overall perception of your clients' businesses.

  • Review Count: This is the total number of reviews your clients' businesses have received across all platforms. An increase in review count indicates growing customer engagement.

  • Average Rating: This metric gives a snapshot of how customers rate your clients' businesses on a scale. Higher ratings typically mean more customer satisfaction.

  • Review Content: Analyzing the content of reviews provides insights into what customers like or dislike about your clients' businesses.

  • Review Comments: This is your client's responses to the reviews. It's essential to track this to ensure timely and appropriate responses.

  • New Reviews Received Daily: This metric tells you how many new reviews your clients' businesses get daily.

Yext Reporting Overview Example on a Dashboard

Use the Yext dashboard template to quickly and easily report these key metrics to clients. Try AgencyAnalytics free for 14 days

Search & Discovery Analytics

These metrics reveal how often your clients' businesses are found online and the terms used to discover them.

  • Searches: This is the total number of times your clients' businesses appeared in search results.

  • Search Term Impressions: This shows the phrases or keywords customers use to discover your clients' businesses.

  • Listing Impressions: This is the total number of times your clients' listings were displayed on various platforms.

  • Listing Views: This counts how often users viewed your clients' listings in detail.

Yext Reach Metrics Examples on a Dashboard

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Engagement Analytics

Engagement analytics measure how customers interact with your clients' listings and what actions they take.

  • Calls: This is the number of phone calls generated from the listings.

  • Driving Directions: This counts how often people use the 'Directions' feature on listings to navigate to your clients' businesses.

  • Website Clicks: This measures how often users click on the website link in your clients' listings.

Yext Engagement Metrics Examples on a Dashboard

Clearly demonstrate how potential customers are engaging with your client’s listings. Use this exact dashboard to get started in minutes! 


Understanding the customer demographics helps tailor the business offerings and marketing strategy more effectively.

  • Age: This tells you the age group of people engaging with your clients' listings.

  • Gender: This shows the gender distribution of the audience interacting with the listings.

  • Devices: This metric reveals the types of devices (mobile, desktop, tablet) people use to view and interact with the listings.

In a nutshell, tracking these metrics helps you understand the performance of your clients' listings, the effectiveness of their digital presence, and the customer engagement level. It's like having a compass that guides your efforts and helps you improve your client's online visibility and customer interactions.

Yext User Demographics Examples on a Dashboard

Understanding the audience provides increased opportunities to optimize your client’s Yext listings. 

Streamlining Yext Reporting with the AgencyAnalytics Integration

Keeping tabs on numerous metrics across multiple clients can sometimes feel like juggling with one hand tied behind your back. Enter the AgencyAnalytics Yext integration, a simple solution that streamlines Yext reporting and makes life a little easier.

Understanding AgencyAnalytics Integration

AgencyAnalytics is a reporting platform designed for agencies managing multiple clients. When integrated with Yext, it fetches all the Yext data for your clients and presents it in a user-friendly, easy-to-understand format. Imagine it as a personal assistant that gathers all the information and hands it to you on a silver platter.

Setting Up AgencyAnalytics Integration

Setting up the integration is a breeze. You just need to add Yext as an integration within your AgencyAnalytics account, and voila! All your clients' Yext data flows seamlessly into AgencyAnalytics, ready to be viewed, analyzed, and reported.

First, navigate to the client campaign where you want to connect the Yext integration, then click "Integrations" from the menu on the left side of the screen.

Connect the Yext Reporting Integration - Step 1

Next, select Yext from the over 80 platform integrations available. And don’t worry, as with all of our platform integrations, there is no additional cost for adding Yext. 

Connect the Yext Reporting Integration - Step 2

Then simply click on Connect New Account and follow the instructions to start pulling Yext data into your client reporting platform automatically. 

Connect the Yext Reporting Integration - Step 3

Within seconds, the integration is complete, and your client's Yext metrics are imported, updated in real time, and displayed within the reporting dashboard.

Benefits of AgencyAnalytics Integration

The AgencyAnalytics integration is a time-saver and a stress-buster. Here are a few reasons why it's a game-changer:

In summary, the AgencyAnalytics Yext integration simplifies reporting, improves efficiency, and lets you manage your clients' Yext data like a pro. It's like having an extra pair of hands, making the task of handling multiple clients less daunting and more manageable.

A screenshot of the Yext integration on AgencyAnalytics

AgencyAnalytics has changed the way that we do client reporting. It saves us time, is insanely convenient, and makes us look good. It’s been a massive win for our business.

Garrett Kite
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Kite Media

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Concluding Thoughts

In the constantly evolving landscape of digital marketing, Yext has carved a unique niche for itself. It goes beyond just a tool; it is an ally, a reliable partner that helps manage and optimize your clients' business listings across the digital spectrum.

The Role of Yext in Modern Digital Marketing Strategy

Modern digital marketing strategy thrives on visibility and accuracy. In this context, Yext emerges as a powerful tool that ensures your clients' businesses are present and prominently visible across multiple platforms.

By maintaining accuracy and consistency in listings, responding to customer reviews, and making businesses easily discoverable, Yext strengthens a digital marketing strategy. It's the wind beneath the wings of businesses, giving them the lift they need to soar in the digital sky.

Recap of How Mastering Yext Can Streamline Managing Business Listings

Yext is a comprehensive platform packed with features that make managing business listings a breeze. Whether it's setting up an account, adding a business listing, using the dashboard, or keeping listings accurate and consistent, Yext has it covered.

Its Powerlistings feature optimizes your clients' listings for better visibility, while its various components, like Yext Ticker, Chat, and Search, enhance functionality.

Yext also offers valuable metrics to track your clients' listings performance, customer engagement, and more. These insights serve as a compass, guiding your efforts to improve your clients' online visibility. To top it all, with AgencyAnalytics integration, you can streamline Yext reporting, making it easy to manage multiple clients.

Mastering Yext means equipping yourself with a powerful tool that streamlines managing business listings, improves SEO performance, enhances customer engagement, and provides valuable insights. It's like being a conductor in the symphony of digital marketing, ensuring every element is in harmony and delivering a performance that leaves the audience (your clients) in awe.

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