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New BrightLocal Integration

Matthew Davis
Matthew Davis
Written by
Matthew Davis
VP of Customer Success at AgencyAnalytics
Mar 31
Mar 31, 2020

You can now share BrightLocal citation and reputation data in all of your client reports and dashboards.

Our BrightLocal integration brings you six all-new report sections and dashboards, plus dozens of new widgets for you to create your own fully custom dashboards and reports.

We've made it easy for you to convey this information to your clients too. Share easy-to-understand indicators of each citation's value, show charts tracking changes across time, and give intuitive summaries of listings, NAP accuracy, and reviews.

BrightLocal citation value metric

Let's take a look at how our BrightLocal integration helps you keep clients up to date on the work you're doing for their local business.

Citation Tracker Dashboards & Reporting

First up, our new BrightLocal Citations Tracker area brings you a full overview of each client's citations from across the web. This gives your clients a deep understanding of everywhere their business is listed online.

The data is split into three areas: Key Citations, Live Citations, and Pending Citations. Let's take a look at each one now.

Key Citations

BrightLocal's "Key Citations" metric gives an overall score (out of 100) for your most valuable citations, based on their accuracy and importance.

Along with your client's overall Key Citations score, we provide a full list of these high-value citations. We also give an overview of NAP accuracy, and important information like each citation's Domain Authority, MozRank, discovery date, and more.

BrightLocal Key Citations dashboard

Beyond just browsing and sharing this data, you can easily filter by citation status and/or citation value, to add in-depth breakdowns to your client reports. Access filters and additional metrics via our BrightLocal dashboard settings button at the top right (or via a report widget's settings).

BrightLocal Key Citations dashboard settings

Live Citations

Looking deeper than your most-important key citations, our BrightLocal Live Citations area shows the complete picture for each client's citations.

You can easily share details on every single live citation that BrightLocal has found, and report on the growth in the number of citations across time.

For each citation you can also monitor its status, discovery date, citation value, Domain Authority, MozRank, and more.

BrightLocal Live Citations dashboard

Pending Citations

The new Pending Citations area gives you a full list of the citations that are waiting to go live, and allows you to report this work to clients.

Similar to the new Key Citations and Live Citations areas, you can easily show the citation's value, Domain Authority, MozRank, listing types, and more.

BrightLocal Key Citations dashboard

Citation Builder Dashboard & Reporting

If you're using BrightLocal's Citation Builder, you can keep track of all of the work being done there.

You're able to report on citation updates and track progress. You can also easily filter by campaign, or view citations by their status (live, updated, omitted, exiting, pending approval, submitted, or replaced).

BrightLocal Citations Builder dashboard

Reputation Manager Dashboards & Reporting

Along with citations, you can also report on each client's online reputation.

The new BrightLocal Reputation Manager area gives you access to summary statistics and detailed breakdowns of reviews from across the web.

Keep your clients up to date on the number of reviews they receive across time, their average rating, and a breakdown of reviews by number of stars.

BrightLocal reputation dashboard

Want more? Your dashboards and reports can be set up to automatically list your client's reviews, review source, author, rating, and more.

BrightLocal Reviews dashboard

Save time by adding this data to your automated client reports. You can also give clients direct access to our dedicated BrightLocal dashboards, or to fully custom SEO and marketing dashboards you've created for them.

To get started, just integrate your BrightLocal account.

Thanks to all of the customers who reached out to request a BrightLocal integration! Let us know what you think in the comments below, or reach out to our support team at

Matthew Davis
Matthew Davis
Written by
Matthew Davis
VP of Customer Success at AgencyAnalytics
Matt brings over a decade of experience managing customer-facing teams, projects, and research across a wide range of industries. He now leads the customer support and customer success departments within AgencyAnalytics.

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