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New Integration to Klaviyo!

Alex Girardi
Alex Girardi
Written by
Alex Girardi
Marketing at AgencyAnalytics
Apr 01
Apr 1, 2021
New Integration to Klaviyo!

We're adding Klaviyo to our repertoire of email integrations!

This means you can now display your powerful Klaviyo data on custom dashboards, you can automate your email marketing reporting, and show your clients the full value of what you're doing at a glance!

Let's dig in and see what this new integration offers.

Integrating with Klaviyo

Setting up your Klaviyo integrations is just as simple as any of our other integrations. 

Navigate to the integrations page in your AgencyAnalytics dashboard, select Klaviyo, and go through the easy steps to connect your account.

Klaviyo Sections & Metrics

Within Klaviyo we have three new sections for you to view your data in:

  1. Campaigns

  2. Lists & Segments

  3. Analytics

In the Campaigns section, you can view your campaigns at a glance with the following metrics:

  • Created Date

  • Date Sent

  • From

  • From Email

  • Lists

  • Message Type

  • Send Time

  • Status

  • Subject

  • Updated Date

In the List & Segments sections, you can get a deeper dive into your audience lists and segments and based on the list/segment size. You can also filter your data by campaign to see which audiences are used where!

In the Analytics section, you can pull some great insights about each event that occurred in your campaigns such as Email Opened, Ordered Product, and Subscribed.

Create Custom Klaviyo Dashboards

To report on the value of the email marketing campaigns that you're running with Klaviyo, create your own custom dashboards to really impress your clients.

You can include the necessary metrics, arrange them in a way that is clear and comprehensible, as well as clean and sleek!

Alex Girardi
Alex Girardi
Written by
Alex Girardi
Marketing at AgencyAnalytics

Alex is in product marketing, pushing the great work from the engineering team out into the world. When he's not marketing, he's probably rock climbing or researching the latest eCommerce trends!

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