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I love the fact that we now have more than 6,500 agencies using AgencyAnalytics to help their clients succeed and grow their businesses. When my co-founder Blake and I began our journey 10+ years ago we were fortunate that our work provided value to agencies right away. We were looking for an easy way to provide clients with insightful reports and clearly demonstrate the value of their services.

From our first 100 clients to the present day, we have been adding some amazing and creative agencies to our customer base with increasing pace. Along with 75+ integrations and a myriad of new features, our team has been focused on building the most valuable reporting platform possible for agencies of all sizes.

Through this journey, we’ve also been focused on optimizing our pricing in a way that helps the most number of agencies succeed. It’s been 2+ years since we last made changes to our pricing plans, so in order to renew our commitment to providing greater accessibility of our platform to digital agencies, we’ve decided to revisit our pricing.

We’re now excited to announce our new pricing plan, which we’re confident will better serve the business needs of our community.

Before we get into the details behind these changes, it’s important to note that these pricing changes will only impact new customers — existing customers will continue to retain their legacy pricing plan for as long as they like. That said, let’s dive into the changes we are making.

We’ve Switched to a Usage-Based Pricing Model

Going forward, the main change to our pricing model is that we’ve moved to a usage-based model where each plan is based on a per-client campaign price. In case you’re new to AgencyAnalytics:

A client campaign represents a client (their website and their integrations).

The key motivation behind this change is that we’ve had hundreds of customers tell us that it wasn’t convenient to upgrade to higher-tiered plans when they weren’t using all the client campaigns allocated to those plans. We decided to listen to them.

Now there is a plan that perfectly fits the needs of every agency size, stage of growth, and budget. For example, if you have 50 clients, you only pay for 50 client campaigns. If you add another client to the agency or drop a client, your pricing will only go up or down based on the number of campaigns you choose to purchase.

Benefits of Usage-Based Pricing for Growing Agencies

There are three core reasons that we decided to make this pricing change, namely that it’s:

  • Simple and straightforward to understand

  • Lower barrier to entry but also offers flexibility and scalability for agencies 

  • Value alignment between agencies and AgencyAnalytics

Simple & Straightforward Pricing

First off, usage-based pricing is very simple and straightforward to understand — you pay for exactly what you need and nothing more. Agencies are in complete control over how many campaigns they want to use and will only be charged based on their current needs. As the pandemic taught us all...things can change quickly and unexpectedly, and with usage-based pricing, it’s much easier to increase or decrease your monthly expenses based on your current number of clients.

Lower Barrier to Entry, Flexibility, and Scalability

Another reason for the change is that it caters to agencies of all sizes and offers a lower barrier to entry for newer agencies who only need 5 campaigns, but still provides the flexibility and scalability that enterprises need to grow their business. 

Our new pricing gives agencies much more flexibility and allows you to get exactly what you want and need from the platform.

In addition to making the platform much more affordable and accessible to agencies, our Agency plan now provides more enterprise-level and advanced reporting & white-label options. The motivation behind providing more features in this plan is to enable agencies of all sizes the ability to give their clients the most professional reporting experience possible.

Value Alignment Between Agencies & AgencyAnalytics

Finally, we believe that usage-based pricing aligns the values of agencies and AgencyAnalytics. Put simply, we’re able to provide our more advanced features to agencies of all sizes while still giving Enterprise customers a more hands-on level of service. Aligning an agency's pricing with their exact level of usage ensures that we’re always focused on delivering the best possible user experience to every agency, at every stage of their growth.

Brief Overview of the New Pricing Structure

Our Freelancer plans start at $12 per campaign (with a minimum of 5 client campaigns) and Agency plans start at $18 per campaign (with a minimum of 10 client campaigns).

It’s important to note that each plan allows you to add as many additional campaigns as you want. We also have an Enterprise option that is well-suited for larger agencies with 100+ campaigns, you can learn more about our Enterprise pricing here.

Another key difference is that our Agency plan now has more advanced reporting features than before, such as:

  • Custom metrics: Custom cross-campaign metrics allow you to combine data from multiple integrations into a single metric. Since no two clients are the same, this allows agencies to offer a customized experience that matches the exact needs of their business.

  • Goal tracking: Goal tracking and pacing allow you to transparently show clients exactly how you’re progressing towards their business objectives.

  • Report approval: With report approval, you get notified before each report is sent to clients, giving you a chance to add your own insights and offer clients a more personalized experience. 

  • Agency tasks: Create a task list of items for your agency team members to keep your execution on track and your clients up to date on your progress.

  • Full white labeling: With our full suite of white labeling capabilities, you can add your own logo, brand colors, and even host dashboards on your own custom domain and send reports from your own email. You now have everything you need to call the platform your own.

This gives agency owners of all sizes access to more robust features that are built to impress clients, save time, and streamline your agency.

If you want a more high-touch level of service, our enterprise plan offers onboarding, ongoing training, and a dedicated account manager. 

AgencyAnalytics Flexible Pricing Plans

That’s all there is to it.  

We are looking forward to seeing how these changes impact the digital agency community. The greater accessibility we strive for is in line with our commitment to helping agencies serve their clients with access to our industry-leading dashboard and reporting platform.

I hope that you’re as excited as we are! If you have any questions about these changes, feel free to reach out to our support team and we are more than happy to help you find the right plan that suits your agency.

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