Christina Cypher
Director of Marketing, Click Control Marketing

As a boutique agency, AgencyAnalytics helps this small team focus on serving its clients by automating their reporting processes.
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Christina Cypher
Creating client reports is so easy, that we don’t feel like our reporting is a chore that needs to get done! We use it as just another tool in our toolbox to help our clients.
Christina Cypher, Click Control Marketing

The Client

Click Control Marketing is a digital-first marketing agency focused on providing custom, high-impact marketing solutions to small and mid-sized businesses. Instead of focusing on a specific niche or tactic, the agency empowers each member of the team to work directly with clients to develop and execute strategies for optimal results. Founded in 2010 by Walt Conger, Click Control Marketing has grown steadily by focusing on research and strategy before starting a new client campaign, as well as continuous testing for optimal results.

Located in Flint, Michigan, this boutique agency–with 13 employees–now supports over 100 clients across 22 different marketing platforms.

As a small agency, time is our most valuable asset. We love having plenty of time to spend working on our client accounts rather than spending too much time reporting on how we are doing. Ultimately, we do what we do for our clients!
Christina Cypher, Click Control Marketing

LocationFlint, MI

The Challenge

As the agency scaled, it faced the growing challenge of gathering data from different sources and presenting it in a way that would help the campaigns and the clients.

With so many unique data sources to pull from, campaign performance and client management were impacted by the time spent pulling data and extracting meaningful insights.

And since they offer custom marketing solutions, each client had unique reporting needs. The agency needed a reporting tool that could easily generate reports, without taking resources away from campaign strategy, implementation, and optimization.

They chose AgencyAnalytics because of its ease of use and powerful reporting functionality. Although they weren't originally looking to offer live dashboards to their clients, over the past few years this has proven to be an invaluable asset.

When we first started with AgencyAnalytics, we had less than 100 clients. AgencyAnalytics has proven to be one of the best investments from a time-saving perspective for our agency. We would not have been able to scale as we have without it!
Christina Cypher, Click Control Marketing

The Solution

Custom marketing solutions require custom reporting systems. The AgencyAnalytics reporting platform helped their agency make sense of all the information, and uncover the insights needed to improve marketing efforts.

Using the platform, Click Control Marketing constantly edits and adjusts its reporting process to make sure clients get reports that are meaningful to their success.

With an intuitive UI, the team is able to accomplish what used to be complex reporting tasks quickly and easily. And any time assistance is needed, they are able to get their questions answered right away with the help of the AgencyAnalytics support team.

Now, in a fraction of the time it used to take, they are able to automate their reporting, track multiple campaigns on reports and dashboards, and write custom updates for their clients.

AgencyAnalytics has made communicating the results of campaigns to our clients exponentially easier! We love being able to customize each report and dashboard to our client’s specific goals.
Christina Cypher, Click Control Marketing

The Result

Click Control Marketing love their custom reports, and clients love receiving insights and data based on their business needs. Now, it has become part of the onboarding process to start with a digital marketing report template for each client and then ask what their top KPIs are during the first meeting.

That way, they make sure to include those on the first page of each report and dashboard. During the next few strategy meetings, the team reviews the reports and asks for feedback–which is used to edit templates to make sure they meet the client's individual needs.

Some advice that Click Control Marketing would have for other boutique agencies is to focus your time. Spend more time focused on how to better serve your clients and offer increasingly better solutions for them. Spend less time on tasks that can be automated. Hire the best team. Use the best tools. And lean on "customizing" things when it's easy to automate.  

Customization is usually expensive. But in this case, AgencyAnalytics saves us time by offering the feel of being custom but with the ease of being automated!
Christina Cypher, Click Control Marketing

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