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Discover why leading agencies choose AgencyAnalytics vs. Supermetrics: professional reports, custom dashboards, 80+ integrations, and superior support.
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An Alternative to Supermetrics
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Why do top Digital Agencies choose AgencyAnalytics for their client reporting?
Exclusively Designed for Your Agency’s Needs

The Platform Tailored for Digital Marketing Agencies

AgencyAnalytics is the only reporting platform purpose-built to meet the unique needs of marketing agencies. Create comprehensive white-labeled client reports that pull data from more than 80 marketing integrations in just a few clicks.

Paint the full picture of your agency’s strategic efforts. Visualize your results in the most impactful way possible, delivering straightforward, easy-to-understand dashboards and reports that clients will want to return to again and again.

Give clients a personalized experience
Maximize Your Client Reporting Potential

Unlimited Professional Reports for Every Client

Redefine your client reporting by offering unlimited, professional reports on every pricing plan. This capability empowers agencies to cater to each client's specific needs, whether sending reports daily, weekly, monthly, or even annually. 

On the Agency and above plans, this flexibility extends to provide unlimited custom dashboards to clients, ensuring they have real-time insights into their campaigns. This comprehensive, client-focused approach is what sets AgencyAnalytics apart from Supermetrics. 

A collection of highlighted conversion metrics
Streamline Your Agency’s Data Management

80+ Platform Integrations Included at No Additional Cost

On the Supermetrics cheapest plan, you can only connect a single data source (i.e., Google Analytics). If you need to also connect to Google Ads, for example, you need to pay for each integration separately. AgencyAnalytics offers a seamless automated data collection solution for marketing agencies to combine performance data from over 80 marketing platforms at no extra cost. 

Integrating with Google Sheets using the AgencyAnalytics Google Sheets App further enhances this capability. Effortlessly import and use data from various sources so you focus on analysis and strategy rather than getting bogged down in data collection and compilation.

Example of Available Marketing Integrations
Trusted by 6,500 Marketing Agencies

4.7 Star Rating on G2

AgencyAnalytics stands out as a top-tier reporting solution, boasting a stellar 4.7-star rating on G2. This acclaim is based on hundreds of reviews from professional marketing agencies, reflecting our commitment to enhancing agency performance. 

As one of the leading Supermetrics alternatives, the AgencyAnalytics platform provides agencies with the tools they need to deliver insightful, comprehensive reports. This high rating is a testament to the value and effectiveness AgencyAnalytics offers, saving agencies time and money, month after month.

AgencyAnalytics -5-Star Reviews
Custom Dashboards in Minutes

Client Dashboards That Speak Volumes

Another interesting part about the Supermetrics platform is you need to run your integrations through a spreadsheet or Looker Studio to create a report. This extra step inevitably adds time and effort to your reporting process.

AgencyAnalytics doesn’t just stop at providing data; it excels in turning that data into professional, client-ready reports. These reports aren’t your run-of-the-mill, generic sheets of numbers. Their advanced data transformation capabilities allow you to highlight the metrics that matter most to each client. 

A reporting tool isn’t just about presenting data; it’s about delivering it in a way that resonates with your clients, enhancing understanding and engagement.

Build Dashboards & Reports Your Own Way
Elevate Your Client Reporting Experience

Annotations and Custom Goals to Enhance Every Report

With the ability to add personalized annotations and trackable goals for every data source, transform your client reports into narratives that speak directly to your clients' needs and aspirations. This feature lets you provide context to the data, helping your clients understand the 'why' behind the numbers. 

Tailor reports to align with specific client objectives, making data mapping and progress tracking more meaningful.

annotations and goals feature in marketing dashboards to track progress
Your Brand, Your Reports

White Label Capabilities To Make Reports Your Own

Tap into comprehensive white label options that put your agency's branding at the forefront. Upload your agency logo and use your brand's color palette, creating a cohesive and personalized presentation. 

With AgencyAnalytics, you don’t just use a reporting platform; you make it your own, reinforcing your agency’s brand with every interaction. 

Highlight your clients’ success within a professionally branded platform.
Access Custom Permissions

Client & Staff Management

With granular user permissions, you hold the power to control exactly what each client sees, ensuring they receive a tailored and focused view of their web analytics and marketing reporting. 

This level of customization also extends to staff access, enabling efficient and secure management of internal and external communications. Direct integration with popular messaging tools allows for seamless communication directly from the client-facing dashboards. This further enhances the interactive experience and positions AgencyAnalytics as a superior Supermetrics alternative for client reporting.

Manage your agency’s clients and staff with one easy-to-use platform.
Fast and Friendly Assistance

Top-Rated Customer Support

One aspect where AgencyAnalytics truly shines as a Supermetrics alternative is in its customer support. Recognized for its responsive and helpful support team, AgencyAnalytics ensures you have the assistance you need whenever you need it. 

Our commitment to helping agencies succeed shines through a dedicated customer support team. Available 24/5, our live chat support is renowned for lightning-fast response times–typically under 3 minutes–ensuring you’re never left in the lurch. Designed to assist you in leveraging your automated reporting software to its fullest potential, the professional support team is a cornerstone in delivering top-notch digital marketing reports.

Best in Class Customer Support
Evolving With Your Agency

Innovation and Scalability To Support Your Agency’s Growth

AgencyAnalytics consistently enhances the platform with new features, integrations, and advanced data transformation tools. This commitment to growth and innovation ensures that as your agency evolves, so does your reporting capability. 

Each stage of your agency’s journey–from Freelancer to Agency to Premier–demands different needs. Flexible pricing packages are designed to scale with you, ensuring you always have the right tools at the right time. 

A dedicated innovation team is constantly adding new data sources, expanding data extraction and transformation capabilities, and updating existing APIs so you always have access to the latest client reporting technologies.

Cost-effective, usage-based rates that scale with your agency's growth.
Seamless Transition, Superior Experience

Switching Made Simple

The AgencyAnalytics platform is uniquely designed for marketing agencies, ensuring every feature aligns perfectly with your reporting needs. A dedicated customer support team is always ready to guide you through the migration process. 

For those opting for an Premier Plan, the White Glove Onboarding experience provides an even more personalized transition, ensuring every aspect of your move to AgencyAnalytics is handled with care and precision. Discover the ease and benefits of using a reporting platform that truly understands and caters to the needs of marketing agencies.

Get onboarded quickly so you can start meeting the needs of your clients and your agency.
Streamline Your Reporting Processes

Report Smarter, Not Harder

Marketing agencies save countless hours each month by leveraging AgencyAnalytics for their client reporting. As the Supermetrics alternative agency leaders prefer, the platform automatically imports critical metrics from over 80 other data sources. This creates a comprehensive digital marketing report encompassing key insights from web analytics, Google Search, Facebook Ads, and more. 

By presenting a holistic view of marketing campaigns, agencies provide clients with a complete picture of their marketing success. This efficiency allows agencies to focus more on strategy and less on the mechanics of data compilation.

Smarter Client Reporting Platform

This is my favorite digital marketing dashboard because it integrates almost every tool I use. I use this daily and it saves a ton of time with my 20+ digital marketing clients.

Alex Wolk
Alex Wolk
Insite Advice

Ease of use is the thing I like the best. My clients like the simplicity of it. I’m saving a ton of time on monthly reporting and communication with my clients on things that can be answered just by logging in to view the analytics themselves.

Chris Ross
Chris Ross
Eight Digit Media

We’ve tried several reporting platforms for marketing agencies, and AgencyAnalytics is, without a doubt, the best we’ve found.

Graham Lumley
Graham Lumley
Blackhawk Digital Marketing

I have been in the industry for 10 years and used a lot of reporting tools. AgencyAnalytics is the best one I have used in terms of both the software itself and value for money. This tool is a must for any online marketing company.

Deniz Doganay
Deniz Doganay
Digital Debut

We were wasting so much time setting up and editing reports for clients each month using Google Data Studio. Our team of account managers hated it. We were blown away once we started using AgencyAnalytics. The responsiveness and speed of the platform are amazing.

Lee Wallis
Lee Wallis

Excite Media

I can confidently say that AgencyAnalytics has transformed the way we approach client reporting and analytics. From the moment we made the switch, we experienced a profound positive impact on our agency’s efficiency, client communication, and overall performance.

Jessica Crist
Jessica Crist / Production Manager
High Five Media

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