BirdEye Reporting

Online reputation management dashboard. Every review. Every client. One unified dashboard.

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Customer Sentiment
Monitor overall customer sentiment (positive, neutral & negative) by date.
Ratings Over Time
Track average ratings and graph historical ratings
Individual Reviews
Monitor new reviews right from the dashboard
Holistic Reporting
Standalone BirdEye reports + cross-channel reports with all of your marketing channels

Track Positive, Neutral & Negative Reviews

Keep Tabs on Customer Sentiment

Visually chart customer sentiment about your client's brand as it changes over time. Track positive, neutral and negative reviews by day, week or month. Show customers exactly how their audience felt about their brand at any specific point in time.

Keep Tabs on Customer Sentiment
Metrics Explorer

Explore All Available BirdEye Metrics

See all the metrics you can easily add to your client reports and marketing dashboards

Timely Review Responses show that your Brand Cares

React to Reviews

With the proliferation of review sites, monitoring both positive and negative reviews in a timely manner can be a full time job. Our BirdEye reporting dashboard makes it easy to manage and react to reviews at scale. See every review, from every site, and react in seconds.

React to Reviews

Visual Ratings & Analysis

Track Ratings Over Time

Track aggregate star rating over time. Perhaps a client's rating was a 4.2, but dipped to a 3.6 on a specific date last month? Now you can review events from that date and look at the specific users whose ratings caused the dip. Include the ratings over time in an automated report, or in the live customer dashboard.

Track Ratings Over Time

Hundreds of Supported Reviews Sites

Monitor Reviews By Source

Where are the majority of your client's ratings and reviews coming from? Whether it's Facebook, Google, Yelp, or an obscure industry site, our dashboards and review reports break down the top sites that are driving reviews, letting you focus on generating additional positive ratings on those sites.

Monitor Reviews By Source

Show Clients Exactly Where They’re Listed

View All Online Listings

Clients can see all of their online listings in our dashboards and reports. Track each listing's location and URL, and click through to view it live. We make it easy to report on every client listing, alongside all of your other local SEO and marketing work.

View All Online Listings

Holistic, All-In-One Marketing Reports

Reporting for Every Marketing Channel

Create standalone BirdEye reports. Or add BirdEye alongside the rest of your marketing channels in an all-in-one, cross-channel marketing report. Either option can be set up with just a few clicks, and scheduled to be sent automatically to free up your valuable time.

Reporting for Every Marketing Channel

Connect the BirdEye integration in seconds to streamline your client reporting.

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