Vendasta Reporting

Effortlessly monitor Vendasta reviews and reputation metrics, and report on client citations from across the web.
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See detailed breakdowns of ratings by star level, source, and top keywords

Listing Accuracy

Monitor NAP accuracy across citations to ensure clients are always contactable

Reviews & Mentions

Maintain brand control by addressing positive and negative feedback in real time

Seamless Reporting

Showcase your reputation and citation work to clients with stunning automated reports

The All-In-One Platform For Local-Focused Agencies

Powerful Local Tools

Designed for agency workflow and local client reporting: Monitor and share your Vendasta data like never before. Combine it with Google My Business insights, call tracking, local rankings, and 80+ other tools, and you've got a complete local agency solution.

Vendasta Dashboard reviews
Keep Your Clients On Top

Live Ratings, Reviews, & Mentions

A client's reputation is everything. Track online sentiment in real-time with Vendasta review data, and respond to customer feedback in seconds. Share easy-to-digest visuals with clients via dashboards or reports, and dive into metrics that help your agency manage each client's entire online presence.

birdeye reviews dashboard
Say Goodbye To Inaccurate Listings

Easy Citation Management

Ensure clients can be contacted no matter where their customers find them. Monitor NAP accuracy across all online listings, and report on your improvements across time. Show clients you're taking charge of their online presence, to maximize the number of customers walking through their door.

NAP local listing audit
Custom Dashboards For Your Team & Clients

Live Vendasta Dashboards

Use our Vendasta dashboards to monitor and present live data. Build fully custom dashboards with Vendasta metrics alongside any other integration. Give your entire team access, and let clients view live data anytime with their own customized login.

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Stunning Cross-Channel Reports For Your Clients

Automated Vendasta Reporting

Build beautiful custom reports in seconds: Our powerful drag-and-drop report builder is specifically designed for automated agency reporting. Showcase reputation and citation work alongside your other channels, then add custom notes, in-house data, images, and more.

Build Dashboards & Reports Your Own Way
Built For Your Agency's Branding

Everything White Labeled

Put your agency front-and-center when clients view any dashboard or report. With a suite of white labeling tools, present Vendasta data and all other integrations as fully in-house. Upload your logo, specify color schemes, brand our mobile platform, and host it all on your own domain!

Fully white label your BigCommerce dashboards and reports.
Supercharge Your Daily Workflow

Time-Saving Tools For Agencies

Stop logging in and out of countless tools and services! Track all clients in one holistic agency platform. Boost productivity with templates, tasks, and automation. See Vendasta data alongside web traffic, PPC, social, local, SEO, and more. We put your team's entire workflow, including client reporting, all in one place.

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Connect the Vendasta integration in seconds to streamline your client reporting.

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