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Custom Domain & Email

Host your marketing dashboards on your own domain and send reports from your own email.
A screenshot of the Custom Domain and Email Settings in the AgencyAnalytics appplication

Host Dashboards On Your Own Domain

Choose the exact URL where you want to host your dashboards with our white label reporting platform built just for marketing agencies. Get started in seconds with a branded subdomain on our generic URL (yourbrand.agencyanalytics.app). Take your branding to the next level with a fully customized domain on your agency’s website (for example: login.yourdomain.com).

Host dashboards on your own domain

Send Reports from Your Own Email

Some plans also allow you to customize the “sent from” email address used in sending scheduled reports to clients. By default, scheduled reports are sent from the address "noreply@clientseoreport.com", although our Agency and Premier plans allow you to modify your web host records and send automated reports from your own email.

Send reports from your own email

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