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Compile all of the key Twitter metrics and deliver them to your client.

Twitter Report

What is a Twitter Analytics Report Template?

A Twitter analytics report template is a document that automatically compiles for you with important Twitter campaign metrics and KPIs. You can use this document to provide a succinct and comprehensive analysis on Twitter performance and strategy so they know exactly what you’re doing and how much ROI they’re gaining.

Why You Should Be Using a Twitter Report

It’s likely that when you first signed the contract with your client, you discussed specific milestones and goals you wanted to accomplish with their Twitter account. To stay accountable for those goals, you need a way to track metrics and present them to your client. Reporting on the overall performance of your Twitter campaigns as they relate to your client’s goals is essential to fulfilling your contract.

Our template gives you an easy way to gather this information in a presentable form that you can quickly deliver to your clients with minimal manual effort. Since the report runs automatically, you can dedicate the bulk of your time to executing your strategies to get the most success out of your client’s Twitter account.

On top of saving time, it makes a good impression on your client. You can clearly demonstrate that you’re on top of tracking metrics and performance, which only boosts your client’s confidence in you. You can also add your own analysis to the report, further boosting trust in your methods and strategy moving forward in the campaign.

Also if you like to present your data in a dashboard check out our Twitter dashboard template.

5 Sections Included In Our Template

1. Monthly Summary

Providing your client with a regular, monthly write-up on the overall performance and roadblocks of your Twitter campaign is a great tool for you. This way, you can demonstrate overall trends and show how strategies you implemented or tweaked last month have had a direct impact on campaign performance.

Twitter summary

In this section, we recommend you discuss what went well during the current month and what could be improved during the next month. Since this may be one of the only times your client gets a deeper insight into the nitty gritty details of your campaign strategy, you’ll want to make sure you present everything of note in this section at a high-level. The following sections of the report give you the opportunity to dive deeper into individual metrics.

2. Follower Growth

How influential your client is on Twitter can be measured directly in the number of followers on their account. The more followers your client’s account has, the more likely they are to be considered influencers in their space.

This is also one of the most visible metrics that you’ll track, and it can be a direct indication of the success of your marketing campaign strategy. The report template displays the account’s change in follower count—either positive or negative—since last month.

follower growth

The report also displays follower demographics, which is an incredibly useful piece of information for both you and your client to know. This way, you can tell if your new Twitter followers are part of your target demographic, including geographic location for local campaigns.

3. Engagement Metrics

Engagement on Twitter is made up of a variety of different things. On a surface level, engagement can be measured by how many times someone interacts with one of your tweets, including likes, retweets and replies. However, it also goes deeper than that.

Our Twitter report also compiles how many times people have clicked on links and hashtags in your tweets, as well as how many times people have clicked on your client’s account profile.

engagement metrics

Measuring engagement is a fast and easy way to determine how interesting and compelling your content is. It can also help you gauge how well you’re reaching your target audience. In your report, you can show the efficacy of your content as it relates to engagement and explain what you’ll do to increase this engagement and how to act on it in other areas of the campaign.

Using our social media report template you can also report on engagement across Facebook, Instagram and more.

4. Twitter Feed

The Twitter Feed portion of the report gives you a list of this month’s entire Twitter activity, along with the amount of engagement each tweet garnered. This sections also gives you a chance to show your client that you’ve met your agreed upon posting schedule and amount, as per the terms of your contract.

Twitter feed

When it comes to engagement on your tweets, the report will show you how many likes and retweets each one got during the month. This gives your client a quick look at what your top tweets are, what kind of content is doing well and what kind isn’t. You can then use this information to inform your client of your strategy moving forward and possibly help them understand that certain posts don’t work as well as they think.

5. Web Analytics

The web analytics section of this Twitter Analytics report gives you and your client insights into how well your Twitter account and other social platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn are driving traffic to your client’s website. On this page of the report, you’ll see how many web sessions have been initiated from each social media platform and how long those sessions lasted. You’ll also see bounce rate and number of conversions.

web analytics

With this information, you can show your client how compelling the offers and calls to action (CTAs) are in the tweets you’re posting. If the offer isn’t compelling enough, customers won’t come to the website and you can work with your client to create something more enticing for potential leads.

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