On-Demand Webinar: Marketing Agency Reporting Best Practices To Retain Clients

marketing agency reporting best practices to retain clients

Acquiring new clients is time-consuming and costly. That’s why it’s important for marketing agencies to always improve client retention and reduce churn. That’s easy to say, but what does that really mean in practice? 

AgencyAnalytics understands the importance of client retention very well. Tune into this on-demand webinar replay for actionable tips and best practice advice that your agency should start doing today. 

During this on-demand webinar replay, we’ll show you how to:

  • Highlight your agency’s value and improve client communication with key metrics that showcase your successes 

  • Set boundaries and cadences to keep your clients in the loop without overburdening your client-facing account managers

  • Create automated reports that save time while providing additional value for your clients at scale 

  • Identify when a client may be at risk of churning so that you can take action proactively

  • And other actionable tips to help your agency mitigate churn and scale efficiently

No time to watch? Here are some key takeaways: 

  1. Keep your client in mind when choosing metrics to include in your reports–each client has different levels of understanding.

  2. Set communication expectations clearly at the beginning of the agency-client contract. Unmet communication needs are a big churn risk.

  3. Keep reports simple and to the point. It’s hard for some clients to digest a lot of marketing information.

  4. Establish clear goals early on with the client, and reference the performance versus these in each subsequent report.

client marketing report example

Automate your agency’s marketing data retrieval process and get those client marketing reports set up in minutes! Start your free 14-day trial today.

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